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Jewel’s Dress Fights the Wind of the Day

Jewel looks hotter than she has in the past, maybe she’s had some work done, or maybe this hangover and erection are throwing off my judgement.

Seeing her fighting with the wind reminds me of the last few days I’ve left my house during the day where this kind of thing almost happened at least 5 times, you know, where I almost saw pussy that wasn’t my wife’s in the flesh, because summer is coming, the skirts are coming out and I guess girls are out of practice or unsure of how to deal with the elements or some shit, I mean it’s that, or they are just all exhibitionists who want perverts like me knowing what kind of panties they wear, but I doubt that’s the case, because girls don’t like me.

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Kate Walsh Fights The Wind of the Day

Kate Walsh is on Grey’s Anatomy or was on Grey’s Anatomy because the truth is I don’t really know since I am not a middle aged mother who watches Grey’s Anatomy because it gives me something to masturbate thinking about. I do know that shows that make wives horny are my worst enemy so I am happy that I don’t have a TV and that my wife barely speaks english because the last thing I want is to have her expecting me to treat her like some scripted shit she sees on TV, but I am sure that some of you appreciate it because it’s made the only woman in your life find her vagina and bring it out to play since she packed that shit away, locked it up and threw away the key the day she got pregnant with your kid, so you should be supportive of this kind of mainstream smut, it makes your life a better one.

You should also support Kate Walsh flashing the world her old weathered ass because of a perverted gust of wind, because maybe if enough of us encourage the wind to keep up his pervert ways, maybe it’ll take the practice he’s had on useless bitches and take it to the next level with chicks we actually want to see unexpectedly flash us. Peer pressure has always worked out good for me in the past so the only thing I see that may be a challenge this time is that Wind isn’t really something you can really reason with or manipulate, but at least we can all hope it does because hope is all we really have.

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