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Madonna Falls then Makes Out With a Dancer On Stage of the Day

Here’s a video of Madonna falling, it happens in the first 40 seconds of the video and the music track just keeps on going, proving that she doesn’t even need to be at the concert for the concert to go down. Maybe she’s just letting us know that you don’t need talent to be rich, you just need to be a slut, but we already know that, so maybe it’s just some kind of Christmas Miracle or Madonna super power called lip synching, but for some reason her fans don’t seem to care. Maybe they are just trying to pretend they are getting their 200 dollar ticket’s worth, you know denial….

The first time I watched the clip, I missed the old lady wipe out, unfortunately not injuring herself, but I did see her lesbian make out session with one of her dancers, because she’s all about shock and awe desite shit being disgusting, but the truth is it isn’t a lesbian make out session at all, because when Madonna went thru menopause her vagina turned into testicles….really muscular testicles. Watch the video….

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