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AnnaLynne McCord’s Sister’s Cry for Attention of the Day

You know it’s a slow day when you start seeing people talk about some no names, even less accomplished sister, because she’s playin’ it up for the Paparazzi while loving every second of riding her sisters 15 minutes of fame cuz she got cast in 90210 the Next Generation, a show I can only assume will be cancelled very fucking soon, forcing these trashcans to head back home to their parents where they can live thinking they are the greatest, hottest, most talented that Hollywood threw the fuck out, because Hollywood is dated and doesn’t know what the people want…leading to incest lesbian sex tapes that won’t get them back into Hollywood, but will lead to a fetish site that charges memeber 19.99 a month, eventually makin’ them finally get the fame and male-attention they think they deserve because everyone in their small town, that I can only assume is filled with fat inbred trash, would feed their egos every fucking day….and here she is kissing a chick for the paparazzi to get noticed….

Pics via Fame

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Hayden Panettiere Lesbian Kiss in VIdeo of the Day

I posted the screenshots and no I have the video of Hayden Panettiere kissing a chick on Heros. I am just posting it for anyone who got excited over the shit, because I knew when it came down to it, the video would be a total let down, not only is the girl doing the kissing ugly as fuck, but it’s not even feeding any lesbian fantasy, mainly cuz Hayden’s got a dick, but also because I’ve

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Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfriend Lesbian Kiss of the Day

I love how Megan Foxes destiny to be a pornstar some how managed to escape her so she’s made a career out of the cocktease. In her recent movie Jennifer’s Body she kisses some other chick, and it’s not clear whether Megan Fox is actually doin the kissing or if they just hired Lohan to do the stand in, since lesbian kissing is what she does, but I do know she’s in her panties, an outfit everyone thought would be best for the scene to make it believable, and by believable I mean, worth watching despite how shit it obviosuly is, proving that Megan Fox is just being used to sell tickets to a shitty movie and despite thinking she’s over-hyped, I’m ok with it because if I wasn’t, I’d probably be gay or pretending to be gay since real fags who are comfortable with their sexuality can appreciate how hot this is and only the overcompensating fags pretending to be gay for fashion reasons would think this is gross…..Either way, watch it.

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Madonna Falls then Makes Out With a Dancer On Stage of the Day

Here’s a video of Madonna falling, it happens in the first 40 seconds of the video and the music track just keeps on going, proving that she doesn’t even need to be at the concert for the concert to go down. Maybe she’s just letting us know that you don’t need talent to be rich, you just need to be a slut, but we already know that, so maybe it’s just some kind of Christmas Miracle or Madonna super power called lip synching, but for some reason her fans don’t seem to care. Maybe they are just trying to pretend they are getting their 200 dollar ticket’s worth, you know denial….

The first time I watched the clip, I missed the old lady wipe out, unfortunately not injuring herself, but I did see her lesbian make out session with one of her dancers, because she’s all about shock and awe desite shit being disgusting, but the truth is it isn’t a lesbian make out session at all, because when Madonna went thru menopause her vagina turned into testicles….really muscular testicles. Watch the video….

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