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Britney Spears “Rocks” GMA of the Day

Britney Spears proves that after you have a spoiled rich kid tantrum that leaves you a mother of two paying some deadbeat to golf and party for the rest of his life, after shaving your head, giving up on yourself and pretty much almost killing yourself while the world watches, because you’re so dramatic and you take yourself too fucking seriously, even though you don’t even know what seriously means, you can easily pull it all together with a multi-million dollar team of PR people, record producers, personal trainers and marketing, so that within a year, you can have a best selling album, because everyone wants to support you, because they saw you turn your life around and feel like they are along for the fuckin ride, even though she’s got no talent, her lead single is shit and she’s pretty much past her fuckin’ prime.

Happy Birthday Britney, I think the world’s given you a pretty good birthday gift, because let’s face it you’re pretty much done, or at least you should be.

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Britney Spears Lip Synching of the Day

Britney Spears perfomed at some party in Germany, not it wasn’t a Nazi Party, that shit ended a long time ago, but it was something less hateful towards fags, jews, retards, russians and whatever else the Nazi Party killed, because let’s face it, I’m not historian, but I do know that Britney’s career should be history.

Bitch lip synched her way through her computerized song Womanzier. She was in some lingerie shit, she didn’t look good, even though she looks better than she did in her lowest of low points in theory, but I have a thing for girls on the verge of killing themselves, they usually fuck as crazy as they look, not to say that she’s not still worth fucking, because all girls are worth fucking, even if Britney’s got a fleshy smoked meat sandwich of a pussy after all those kids….what’s that? It’s not actually a smoked meat sandwich pussy but a smoked meat sandwich sandwich that she keeps in her pants to keep warm so that she has something to snack on every time her blood sugar drops? I guess you can’t take the fat chick habits out of the fat chick just because she’s not so fat anymore….

Here are the pics. Today is going to be a struggle….

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