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Sophie Monk’s Nipples Cry for Attention of the Day

Sophie Monk is filming a pilot called “Bigger Than Paris”. I assume she’s talking about her pussy because last time I checked, her Good Charlotte boyfriend left her for Paris Hilton and I’ve never heard about of a man dumping a woman or leaving a woman for someone with a bigger pussy.

I guess this is Sophie Monk’s passive aggressive away for getting back at Paris for giving her herpes indirectly and more importantly stealing her meal ticket fiance who she used to try to make it in the American market….

It’s clearly a joke or a desperate attempt for attention that will obviously fail but failure is something she’s gotta be used to by now….and I guess that, coupled with the herpes is what makes Sophie Monk and I soul mates,

Pics via Fame

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Kristin Cavallari Workin’ of the Day

I was surprised to see these pictures of Kristin Cavallari working, not because I really know who Kristin Cavallari is, but I am under the impression she came up from Laguna Beach, and refused to go on to do The Hills because she was an idiot and had an ego and false concept of her talent and ability based on the inflated success of Laguna Beach. Only to discover that work doesn’t come easy, when you’ve played an idiot on TV while playing yourself and that anything of quality would stay the fuck away from you because you are a liability, joke, and pretty much fucking suck.

But at least Cosmo invited her to hang out at some bikini party in Miami and you know she’s important cuz she got to wear a bikini in a different color than everyone else.

Guess what I was doing this weekend. Fucking nothing. So Kirstin Cavallari is still better than me even though she is useless, so I guess that says a lot about me…

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