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Katy Perry Sloppy as Fuck in her Workout Gear of the Day

I think Katy Perry has one leg shorter than the other, or some other inbred shit is going on, because everytime I see her in motion, I think bitch is a fuckin’ retard who somehow escaped the institution because her retardation wasn’t anything too debilitating that she couldn’t get by on her own, she just has to look like a wonky drunken handicapped person when walking, which doesn’t really get in the way, but still looks retarded….but not as retarded as her body…seriously….this girl is build like a garbage bag filled with dog shit…she is disgusting no matter how strong her push up bra squeezes her fat gut into cleavage worth fucking and here she is in workout gear despite the fact that her stomach makes it pretty clear there is no fucking way she does anything in the gym beyond squeezing her sloppy body into the workout gear…she’s a fucking lie and that’s all I have to say about that…

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