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Zach Braff Has a Girlfriend with 12 Year Old Lookin Tits of the Day

I used to know a socially awkward kid I was forced to work with who was doing some sort of interning at some shitty company I worked for and all this dude would talk about was Zach Braff. He was so hard for this motherfucker, because I guess he related to his weak chin and pathetic demeanor.

One night I bumped into him on the street and he was heading to a Zach Braff movie on opening night, I had nothing better to do so went. Now if this wasn’t some masturbatory bullshit, I don’t fucking know what it was. It was some emo Jewish neurotic shit that made me want to kill myself just being there, all while this ugly motherfucker got some skinny brunette to want to fuck him, that was totally unbelievable and written by him to fill his perversions.

I think the guy I worked with started crying and left the place glowing like he just lost his virginity, even though we all know he didn’t.

A few months later, I heard that Braff was in Montreal filming that Rachel Bilson movie and the dude I worked with finally got to meet him and got his autograph before getting arrested for being parked outside his hotel for 7 days.

Either way, this is the girl that’s fucking him in a see through, showing off her non existent tits.

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