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Luisana Lopilato is Michael Buble’s Import Girlfriend of the Day

Her name is Luisana Lopilato . She is some model from Argenitina. He met her on set of his last music video. I am sure it was a real hard pick-up on his part… a real serious hustle to get in her pants on his part, you know being Michael Buble, the star of his music video that she was jumping up and down weeks before shooting because she got booked on the job to begin with, pretty much having all the groundwork done for him before ever showing up on set….

You see, bitches love money, celebrity and power and when bitch is an immigrant with a dream and he’s a multi-platinum selling artist no one really cares about, but who makes huge fucking money and can offer her the life she always wanted, without having to do much work other than a few blowjobs to completion every so often, which she doesn’t mind, cuz sucking dick is something she’s into….and he gets to fuck some seriously hot piece of ass…it all works out in the end….for everyone except us.

Here are some pictures of some of her work….

Here She is in a School Girl Strip…..

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Kevin Federline’s New Girlfriend Legs of the Day

Her name is Victoria Prince and her claim to fame is that she is dating Kevin Federline and I wonder how that shit happened. I mean we all know the story of the man with the potent sperm and ability to get anyone pregnant, that he practiced on some black chick before perfecting on Britney, you know cuz when he was in there he didn’t want to fuck up the lottery ticket god had given him and his piece of trash self.

Was she a Britney fan and wanted all things Britney? You know that everytime his dick slides in her she hears the faint sounds of “hit me baby one more time” playing back in her head.

Was she swept up my K-Fed’s charm that landed him the biggest popstar in the world, and did she believe that he would amount to something huge in the music industry since he already mastered being huge filling out his XXXL t-shirt. Hoping that K-Fed would make her famous….

I guess what we do know for sure is that she will end up fat, pregnant and alone and the weridest thing in all this is that I just wrote a post about this bullshit.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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DJ AM and His American Apparel Model Girlfriend Celebrate his Birthday of the Day

It was DJ AM’s birthday the other day and he went out for dinner with his girlfriend, American Apparel model I make fun of, because the only thing my wife ever modeled was a shit stained mattress for some art project I did when I took an adult ed course for my Welfare program. So everyone go wish him a happy birthday, I hit him up on Twitter, just to say “hey man, let’s laugh about all that mean shit I say about you, cuz it’s just jokes, and happy birthday, send me nudes of Jessica Stam, Cuz I know you have them”, and he just ignored me and I take that shit personal. I was trying to reach out, make good and use his birthday as a jump-off to a long lasting friendship, and he just shunned me and that would hurt if I had emotions.

I know, there’s no pussy in this post, but I am just wakin’ up and working on it. Relax you fucking pigs.

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Russell Simmons and His Girlfriend Playin’ On the Beach of the Day

So very rich Russell Simmons was spending some time kickin’ it in Miami and he brought out some new girlfriend, who I am sure is dating him for his cute his adult lisp and his Earthworm Jim face and not becuase he’s got a pile of money.

They were doing some Yoga on the beach, actually he was doing Yoga, she’s just a lazy cunt who wallet fucks to get everything she wants, because why work or put effort into anything, when you can just give up your pussy for personal gain, it’s a hell of a lot easier.

Not to sound gay or anything, but based on the positions Russell’s in, I gotta get myself in a Yoga class, to ideally see chicks doing this because it’s like fucking porn….no wonder Yoga’s taking over the motherfuckin’ world.

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Michael Phelps’ Montreal Girlfriend of the Day

I was eating a sandwich the other day and overheard the staff of the sandwich place talking about how Michael Phelps was there over the weekend with some local chick he’s dating. I started casually asking some people I know about it, not because I care, but because I wanted to know who would see past that dude’s mangled face for the American hero with fish-like stamina he is, because I had a feeling pretty much any girl would see past his mangled face to get with America’s boy wonder.

Some dude I know, claims he knows the girl, he told me they met in Florida but didn’t know if they were serious or not, he didn’t even know if they were fucking or not, but as far as I’m concerned, if you’re flying into Montreal during the winter for a girl, when you have the option of pretty much every girl out there, shit’s probably pretty serious or at least pretty fuckin’ good.

Here are some pictures that may be of her, that are ripped off her Facebook. I don’t even know her name, so they really could be anyone, or at least someone who worked her way into hanging with T.I., Young Jeezy, and Phelps. Probably making it the best vacation ever!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t get soft and trust him too much. You know, believe the lies he tells her about being the one and their future life of luxury, you know blinding her from getting some some artistic nudes of him that she can use for blackmail down the road after he cheats on her, because you never let a hope and fantasy of what you wish will happen, make you turn your back on opportunity that presents itself today. At least that’s why my grandmother always told me along with other life lessons like “never suck dick for free” and “condoms are for pussies” and most importantly…I never had a grandmother, but you get what I’m saying. Right?

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John Legend’s Girlfriend is Worth Fucking of the Day

I want to fuck John Legend’s girlfriend. I don’t know who she is. She looks Asian, but she may be some kind of mix breed, because she’s more brown than yellow, but none of that matters, I’ll let her pick my rice any day, and by pick my rice I do mean jerk me off, because my dick’s about that big…..It’s sad, but I’ve come to terms with it.

Either way, someone ID this bitch.

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Zach Braff Has a Girlfriend with 12 Year Old Lookin Tits of the Day

I used to know a socially awkward kid I was forced to work with who was doing some sort of interning at some shitty company I worked for and all this dude would talk about was Zach Braff. He was so hard for this motherfucker, because I guess he related to his weak chin and pathetic demeanor.

One night I bumped into him on the street and he was heading to a Zach Braff movie on opening night, I had nothing better to do so went. Now if this wasn’t some masturbatory bullshit, I don’t fucking know what it was. It was some emo Jewish neurotic shit that made me want to kill myself just being there, all while this ugly motherfucker got some skinny brunette to want to fuck him, that was totally unbelievable and written by him to fill his perversions.

I think the guy I worked with started crying and left the place glowing like he just lost his virginity, even though we all know he didn’t.

A few months later, I heard that Braff was in Montreal filming that Rachel Bilson movie and the dude I worked with finally got to meet him and got his autograph before getting arrested for being parked outside his hotel for 7 days.

Either way, this is the girl that’s fucking him in a see through, showing off her non existent tits.

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DJ AM’s New Girlfriend of the Day

DJ AM, Hayley Wood, Girlfriend
DJ AM’s New Girlfriend of the Day

If you are wondering who Gayer Than Bicycle Shorts and richer than he should be DJ AM is fucking now that he and Mandy Moore have broken up, and I know you are, it’s some American Apparel model named Hayley Wood.

I emailed Dov Charney, the guy behind American Apparel to tell me stories about this whore, because I know from some of the girls who have modeled for him for free over the years, that he normally gets them naked, sometimes makes them use sex toys and often times jerks off with them. I was looking for some exclusive Hayley Wood smut and stories, because I figure if DJ AM gets to see her pussy, so should we. He didn’t answer me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s worth bringing home to your parents, I don’t even think she’s worth dating or admitting to your friends that you know her, but she’s definitely the kind of hipster girl who is so hungry to get ahead and seen, that you could easily make her take it up the ass for promises of a legitmate career or some recognition. All so that she can get out of the retail world and into the celebrity world she’s tried so hard to get into…so hard that she’s even lowered herself to fuck DJ AM and that is some fucked up shit.

If you’re wondering why I am writing about DJ AM, it is because I have a long running hatred for this cocksucker even though he’s a fucking joke he can’t seem to take one.

Here are some straight from Facebook pics….

If you want to see this slut in American Apparel glory, follow this link and scroll down until you find “Hayley”. Their shit is ghetto and you can’t zoom in to see the real goods, but it’s good enough for you to get the idea of what’s going on…

If you want to add her to myspace and send her hate mail, I assume this is her profile, I mean unless some kind of loser faked a nobody’s myspace…

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Paul Walker and His Girlfriend Do Hawaii of the Day

I don’t really know much about Paul Walker other than every girl I have ever met has wanted to fuck him, I am talking every girl, even toothless inuit prostitutes have told me how they want me to fuck them fast and furious, but it turns out that he wasn’t nice enough to bring them with him to Hawaii, but instead brought this whore, who all you catty bitches can start hating for being skinnier than you, and rocking the dick every night that you want to rock, but if this guy’s like me, he’s probably already bored of her pussy and lookin’ out for someone good to cheat on her with, maybe one who’s hot ass doesn’t look like it lost a fencing match to stretch marks, and that should bring you hope on this historic day for America.

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Elijah Wood’s Girlfriend of the Day

If you’re wondering who Elijah Wood is fucking, and I know you are, this is her. I love the picture of her patting him on the back like a big brother would after losing the game. I wonder if this kind of thing happens when her pre-mature ejaculates during sex, or when he can’t get it up because his troll ass drank one too many drinks for his little liver to process, you know where she get’s up and pats him on the back, gives him a simulated punch to the jaw and re-assures him that there will always be a next time and that he tried his best and that’s all that matters buddy. If you know what I mean….

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