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I am – Britney Spears Bikini and Hair Smoking of the Day


Everyone is giving this bitch a hard time about being a shitty mother and they are making a big fucking deal about her smoking with her kids in pictures. That’s like giving someone a hard time about feeding their kids eat McDonald’s for dinner , or making them skip school to go on Christmas Vacation or some shit. If they think this bitch is a bad parent, they should see some of the people I know, who are on welfare and who are addicts and who live in shitty fucking apartments and spend their money on their addictions and not on their kids well-being. These are the kids who show up to school covered in dirty, smelling of piss and lookin’ all malnourished as they stare at you eating your sandwich with envy when all they have to eat is a can of creamed corn but no can opener. The fact that they are born from Britney’s disgusting vagina is a fucking blessing, they may be neglected by her and she may find it fun to watch them play with endangered species and they may be a form of her insane entertainment or some kind of fashion accessory that she looks at with her glazed over, medicated eyes like they are her very own personal dancing monkeys…but she has a staff to pick up her slack and there is always private school…..so her smoking is really not a big deal and if they want to make a lesson out of anyone they should hit up some of the ghetto neighborhoods where crackbabies are left to fend for themselves at the age of 2, instead of bugging Britney. She is rich and because of that we should all leave her the fuck alone….

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