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Claudia Schiffer Topless in Vogue of the Day

Claudia Schiffer is still modeling and that’s ok with me, because with a little air-brushing she almost looks like she did 15 years ago and I can relive those better years before I got married and before Schiffer was using her hot model tits to feed her babies that ruined her pussy. She she was just some hot foreign import model who couldn’t speak english, something I looked for in a woman because I feel speaking is a total distraction from what’s really important and that’s hardcore fucking. From my experience, talking always leads to conversations about how unhappy a bitch is with every aspect of my life and when I can’t understand those complaints it’s a lot easier to live with myself.

Either way, here she is topless in Vogue, not showin’ nipple, but you can use your imagination.

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