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Doutzen Kroes by Terry Richardson for June’s US Vogue of the Day

I don’t know how I feel about Terrry Richardson because I know that he’s a bullshit rip off artist who did nothing innovative, he just did it right, because he had rich friends and tricked the fashion world into thinking he was this fucking visionary, when all he was doing was taking amateur style borderline softcore pornographic pictures, which is nothing innovative but it is fucking awesome….leaving me confused as to whether I should hate the guy for being an obvious rich kid trying to be some deep artist/hipster/idiot I can’t stand, or if I should appreciate the fact that he gets most bitches he shoots posing semi-erotic because he’s tricked them into thinking shooting with him is “huge’ for their career making them willing to do anything for him, and unfortunately for us, he’s gone soft and corporate, cuz pics of bitches laying gold eggs are too hardcore for fashion mags, so Doutzen Kroes didn’t feel obligated to show some fucking nipple or pussy lip, but nude at the beach, even if covered up is still a decent starting point of a fantasy….so I’ll post it anyway…

Here are some pictures of Doutzen in Vogue Russia that actually show off her big model body….

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Heidi Klum Does German Vogue Photoshoot of the Day

I think Heidi Klum is amazing. She’s an older mom and she still does what she did to me many years ago when I first heard about her. I know alot of you racists can’t handle the fact that she is married to a black man, you know because you are intimidated by black dick, but whenever I get down and out, I turn on some Seal and shit is so good it makes me want to fuck him, you know German scat styles, flinging shit at each other like we’re a couple of chimps, only to end up pinned up against the wall and ripped apart by his very large penis, like I was Heidi fucking Klum.

Here she is doing some photoshoot for some German Vogue shit, she’s lookin’ a little beat up, which isn’t that much of a shock, because German’s are insane and into that kind of thing. If there is blood, death and shit, it’s good to go….

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Scarlett Johansson’s Tits for Vogue of the Day

Scarlett Johansson has big tits. Everyone already knows that. Here she is in Vogue, showing them off. I am not sure what else you expect me to say about that. I mean I could go on about my wife’s big tits, or sucking big tits, or being in a grocery store and having a kid point at me and say look at his big tits, but I would rather just post this shit and forget about that little fucker and his making me self conscious.

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Claudia Schiffer Topless in Vogue of the Day

Claudia Schiffer is still modeling and that’s ok with me, because with a little air-brushing she almost looks like she did 15 years ago and I can relive those better years before I got married and before Schiffer was using her hot model tits to feed her babies that ruined her pussy. She she was just some hot foreign import model who couldn’t speak english, something I looked for in a woman because I feel speaking is a total distraction from what’s really important and that’s hardcore fucking. From my experience, talking always leads to conversations about how unhappy a bitch is with every aspect of my life and when I can’t understand those complaints it’s a lot easier to live with myself.

Either way, here she is topless in Vogue, not showin’ nipple, but you can use your imagination.

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Eva Mendes is Hot and Topless in Vogue of the Day

Eva Mendes did some hot photoshoot for some European Vogue and it reminds me of all the vintage porn I used to jerk off to because there was just something amazing about getting down to a woman in frilly lingerie in the 1950s while knowin’ she was either pissin’ herself in an old folks home, knitting a scarf for her church group or was dead, all while I came all over myself to her pics…

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