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Jennifer Lopez Freaking Me Out of the Day

I know this looks like a scene from a horror movie….but I’m thinking either her husband is trying to assert his circus performer lookin’ ass, and remind her who owns her, as her career blossoms into something as huge as it once was, or maybe they are showing how much they love each other, because based on her stomach, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant again and they want the media to know how happy they are that they’ll get to pawn the spawn of what may be satan off onto their nanny.

Not that any of us should care about this, but she is the world’s most beautiful woman according to People, so maybe our priorities are all fucked up…

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Jennifer Lopez Promotes Shaving her Twat of the Day

I have no idea what this event is, but I assume it is a pussy shaving convention, a place where they discuss the latest trends in pussy shaving, a seminar put on by Venus to regain some traction against the bikini wax market…since bikini waxing is more popular than shaving…and gilette has billions more dollars than the little local asian lady you let play with your snatch…so that they can bring out the bottom feeding stars who you probably don’t want to see shaved down…cuz they are old mom’s….and old moms traditionally need to have a bush…it’s a generational thing…shave the bald pussy for your kids…plus pubic hair hides that scars and damage from the war that your pussy experienced in child birth….not to mention…I hate shaved pussy. It is cheesy Jersey shore mainstream shit. I hate waxed pussy. It reminds me of Ed Hardy. I hate that marketers made girls think Bush was a bad thing to sell hair removal products. Bush is erotic. Especially when it is fashionista hipster bush. cuz you know those bitches are just too hungry to have the energy to maintan, or maybe they are just being ironic, but either way they are not giving into the garbage that is shaved twat.

Apparently Alyssa Milano, even after blocking me on Twitter 2 Years ago- Agrees With me….

Here’s J-Lo….

Good post right? I know.

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Jennifer Lopez Fat Mom Ass Flash of the Day

I always hated Jennifer Lopez. Not only did I find her fat ass nothing to get excited about back when fat asses were just gaining popularity, but I also always found her totally obnoxious, singing about how she came from the projects, like she was down to earth while driving in her luxury cars, living in her mansions, and bossing her staff around like the cunt that I know she is….She got press for being a talented singer, actor, dancer and all around performer and every positive review I could see her ego getting bigger and fucking bigger and I just couldn’t fucking take it anymore, then she luckily got pregnant and disappeared, giving me the down time I needed to not do anything crazy, like start guerilla army on the internet to track her down and teach her a lesson, but for some reason, she decided to make a comeback, probably cuz she realized how easy it is to trick the public into making her a lot of money, but that doesn’t make her any easier to tolerate….even when she’s bending over and flashing her ass…but that’s just because I always found her ass a disgusting mess….not that you care what I think…

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Give Up…Even Though She Should of the Day

J.Lo just doesn’t give up…but she should…cuz there comes a time in every woman’s life where trying to reaffirm your sex appeal is pathetic and almost sad to watch. She married something out of a horror movie and had his kid and I guess realized that that doesn’t do it for her, but instead the eyes of men around the globe, fascinated with her ass was really the only thing she needed…too little too late….

Here she is slutting up her disgusting mom body at some event cuz she forgets she’s a mom and remembers being a slut since being a slut is what made her who she is…you know way further than the vagina ripping birthing process did….

Some bitches think their kids are the best thing that happened to them…you know their proudest moment….that life-changing experience that put everything in perspective and taught them what as actually important…but for J.Lo that happened with “Jenny From the Block” Album….cuz she’s a self-righteous cunt….and here she is showing off her body…holding the fuck on to whatever overrated trash she once was….

Bonus – Camilla Alves was there in some rubber lookin’ dress…Something she wasn’t wearing when Matt McConaughey knocked her up multiple times…

Pics via Fame

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Jennifer Lopez Reminds Us She Sucks in a Tight Dress of the Day

I never found J.Lo hot. I knew it was a marketing campaign that idiots bought into. Her ass was hardly impressive and the rest of her reminded me of a dude, but for some reason, she made stupid fucking money, and that reason is that you’re all a bunch of idiots who believe everything you see on TV and figure that if the media tells you she’s got a great ass and she dates people like Ben Affleck and P.Diddy, than she must. What a fucking joke, but not as much of a fucking joke as what her husband looks like, seriously get this guy a horror movie or a sandwich, cuz eating disorders may be porn to me, but not when weird weasel looking dudes are up on the shit, you gotta save that shit for teenage girls who would otherwise be fat….

Either way, J.Lo has a movie coming out where she plays a hooker who gets knocked up before she finds the man of her life, some crap single women who want babies will relate to, making J.Lo more stupid money, and here she is in a tight dress working her way out of the wood work and the whole thing was very unfortunate… won’t let her trick me like she’s tricked all of you idiots….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jennifer Lopez and Her Boxy Mom Body Perform of the Day

I love that Jennifer Lopez has decided to revive her ridiculous career. I never understood why she was so well-received in the late 90s in the first place, but everyone thought she was god’s gift to the entertainment industry, thanks to all the marketing she had behind her and the fact that you are all a bunch of fucking drones who buy into the bullshit, but I do understand that watching her try to make a comeback is fucking hysterical as her booty you once jerked off to has turned boxy and flat like the useless mom she was always meant to be….

I love watching old ladies trying to hold onto their youth and the good times they once had…it’s half the tits I get flashed at me at bars I go to cuz old bitches are so wild…..

What a fucking joke….I need the video of this….actually I don’t…It will just piss me off…I’ll just stick to the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Jennifer Lopez Picture of the Day

Jennifer Lopez is still alive and kicking, despite the countless number of times I’ve wished death upon her and here’s a picture of Jennifer Lopez pushing her tits out like a 14 year old girl at the summer camp dance trying to seduce her CIT, only less exciting. Maybe it’s be worth lookin’ at if she wasn’t such a fuckin’ cunt. The only thing good about Jennifer Lopez is that that Latina Hype shit that gave her a career a few years back has died the fuck down and no one gives a fuck about her or her fat ass anymore. The only bad thing about that is that she milked that shit like she wasn’t the lazy pig we all know she is, like the latinas I know milk the sales at cosmetic counter of my local dollar store…and here she is on set for a new movie and that is horrible news. Let’s hope something goes wrong.

And yes – I cropped out her ass because no one needs to be celebrating that shit…and by celebrating I mean masturbating to it…

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Jennifer Lopez Did a Triathlon of the Day

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The biggest assed joke of the day is that a fat Jennifer Lopez did some triathlon like she’s some kind of athlete for a charity that I call trying to prove herself. She took about 2.5 hours to complete it and she had some help from her trainer, who based on her ass, isn’t the kind of trainer I’d hire for my wife if I was rich and famous, mainly because if I was rich and famous, I’d drop my wife off at the curb and move onto younger hotter pussy, but also because dude’s obviously not very good at his job. Sure you can argue that her ass is genetic and that it’s some beautiful phenomenon that you love, but I like to think it’s cuz you have no standards and no real opinion of your own and you just jumped on the bandwagon, because the only person who would find anything about this hot is a black man and that’s just because they like any pussy that isn’t attached to a black woman, no matter how offensive it is, proven in the fact that I was out with my wife this weekend and at least 5 black guys freaked out, in a good way when she walked by, to the point where I had to turn to them and ask them if they were on fuckin’ drugs because cat calling a cow, confuses me so much that it’s gotta be drug related….

Either way, here she is being active because it’s funny.

* Access to material has been disabled in compliance with DMCA *

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Jennifer Lopez in Her July 4th Bikini of the Day

I never understood the hype about J.Lo’s ass, it always confused me that the world would be drawn to some bottom heavy slut, and make her insanely rich in the process.

Here she is fatter than she used to be and rockin’ a bikini. She was hoping no one would notice so she tried to throw in the mirrored bikini to blind the paparazzi cameras and figured if that didnt work, the reflection of her husbands scary white legs would do the trick, what she didn’t realize is that he’s too sickly thin to really do much distracting and actually turns invisible when the flash is on. I guess none of that matters, because you still have a thing for this whore who has openly had many dicks and no one’s ever called her out on it. I guess it’s just a middle class Peurto Rican from the bronx, going through an identity crisis all in hopes that the real hispanic population don’t catch on to the fact that she’s full of shit and is whiter than McCain.

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Jennifer Lopez and Her Milk Tits of the Day

I hate Jennifer Lopez. I hated her in Selena and hoped the president of her fan club shot her instead, but some how she worked her way into the limelight and I think it had to do with the media lying about how hot she was, because I have eyes and I see nothing hot about her. The media went on and on about her J.Lo booty and she aggressively pushed that hispanic movement bullshit, making her more hispanic than the rest of her family because she considered herself a decent actress and could imitate real hispanic people. The real issue with J.Lo is that throughout her shitty music career that made her rich, her stupid clothing company that gave fat chicks who can’t afford Juicy Couture their own kind of velour suit to wear, through the years dating Diddy rockin’ guns and Afleck rockin’ really shitty movies and into her mature relationship with fellow spic Mark Anthony, she never had a set of tits, but she does now and I’d say shit balanced out that ass of hers but the reality is that when she gave birth her vagina beat her tits to the punch and now J.Lo finally makes sense.

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I am – J.Lo is Still a Latina of the Day


I walked by the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montreal today and saw Christina Aguilera’s tour bus outside. I guess that means she is staying there and I probably could have waited around or snuck up inside the hotel, crawl through the air ducts and get some serious stalker pics of her shover her husbands Passover hat in her cunt, but I realized that as hot as I think she is and no matter how badly I want to stuff her like a Passover turkey, I only really give a fuck about her when I am lookin for pictures of shitty celebrity sluts to write about and have no interest in having a non one-sided computer screen between me and pictures of her and posting them on a site she’s never heard of relationship. I am not a real celebrity blogger, you’ve all been mislead….

Speaking of being mislead, Christina used the Latina card and so did J.Lo back when the Latina card to got people to the top. The media was all over all things whose parents were cigar smoking mud farmers, like Ricky Martin, Enrique and Mark Anthony. It was the late 90s and early 00s but as soon as J.Lo started raking in the dollars she became whiter than Pam Anderson’s Hepatits stool. She dated black rappers like a normal fat white chick, she dated some Boston drunk like a good white sorority girl then she dropped it all, when back to the mexican and is showing up to events like this. All this bitch is missing is a sombrero, a taco platter and a fucking poncho to bring the point home that she’s still Jenny from the trashy latina block….

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