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Rachel Bilson Looks Shitty in Shorts of the Day

So this is what Rachel Bilson actually looks like….interesting…..

She’s go short pasty legs, looks pretty sloppy and unshowered like a bitch suffering from some kind of depression cuz she can’t get work and hates her life, she may even be a little chubby….but I can’t really tell because I am blinded by brightness of her white legs, like she’s shining a fucking flashlight in my eyes or some shit…..

I guess some people like to call this the look of someone who has given up, I like to call it the look of someone about to get marriage and the point of all this is to say, I’d still fuck her.

Pics via Fame

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Rachel Bilson Stickin’ Out Her Whore Tongue of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson looking real fucking horrible sticking her tongue out. If you’re wondering why she’s doing it, it is doctor’s orders, she has to air the shit out because she’s spent the last few years rimming her faggot fiance’s ass cuz that’s the only way he can get off with a girl, you know cuz he’s a homo which is probably good for all you Star Wars weirdos who have been fantasizing about tag teaming Bilson with him, because now you that dream is almost a possible reality…

Pics via Bauer

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Rachel Bilson and Her Saddle Bags of the Day

I am all for girls with curves. I think it’s scientific for guys to want to fuck a girl with some hips, but looking at these pictures of Rachel Bilson in her tight pants all I see is something that is definitely not going to age well. Sure she’s still young and probably relatively fit, since her career depends on it, but the second she stops, or has kids, these hips won’t lie, and will look like she’s transporting supplies from prospecting town to prospecting town on the back of her big horse ass….a horse ass I’d like to insert my fist in to massage the cervix when inseminating her.

On a side note, why did 180,000 people watch that video before us? Here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Rachel Bilson in Showing Off Bra in her Pissed Colored Outfit of the Day

Rachel Bilson was the only thing I could stomach back when I watched the OC on Thursday nights before going to local college bars where I’d use some of the typical drama that happened on the show to strike up conversation with the dumb bitches in the bar who were hooked on the shit a bunch of years ago, tricking them into thinking we had something in common, but the truth is it was all a tactic to see them naked, which for the recond, never worked.

Speaking of never working, I don’t remember the last thing I saw this bitch in, but at least she’s working her tits by showing off some bra in these pictures, because that’s really the only work she needs to be a success in my books, not that my opinion of success is something she cares about since she doesn’t know I exist…

Pics via Mavrix and INF

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Rachel Bilson Gets Attacked By a Tall Chick of the Day

You know what sucks? Trying to write two posts on Rachel Bilson in two days. I mean bitch hasn’t really done anything worth talking about, unless being engaged to the cunt who played Darth Vader in the Star Wars the Next Generation is something worth talking about, and I don’t think it really is. What is worth talking about is how a friend of mine fucked the dude from Star Wars the Next Generation’s sister, because she lives in Toronto and is pretty fucking accessible, but I don’t remember the details of the story and shit’s posted somewhere on the site from years ago, but I think it has something to do with her diggin’ anal, which could be a lie, and I’m just basing it on what I assume her older brother likes, because he’s gotta be gay…

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Rachel Bilson in a Shitty See Thru of the Day

Remember Rachel Bilson, the hightlight of the OC, if you were like me and not down with the bitch who looked like a lesbian, or the troubled one with the sloppy skinny body. Yeah, I watched the shit the first season, because I’d go to college bars and being the old fuck in the room, had to let the girls know I was down.

I’d be like bitches, you watch the new OC, shit that Ryan’s nuts, I can’t wait til he takes Seth back to the Pool House and fucks him, cuz there’s no way Seth is straight, I mean someone’s gotta do him the favor of shoving their dick in his ass, he’s too emotionally and clearly jerks off to Ryan’s fight scenes, and Rachel Bilson is just a front….

Usually didn’t get any laughs, cuz college girls took that shit seriously, but Rachel Bilson was never a front for me, until today, what the fuck happened to her….actually I already know the answer….engagement to be married….

The good news is that they are getting married in Canada, so I’ll send some homeless dudes to crash that shit. It will be my big break.

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Rachel Bilson Walks Her Dog in Some Leggings of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson and her long torso doing the ape-walk with her little cunty dog. This would be a great opportunity to write about my own little fucker who managed to throw up 15 pounds of half digested food and a carrot on me earlier today, but I hate cocksuckers who treat their dogs like their kids, and I hate people who treat their kids like an accomplishment and never shut the fuck up about the little things they do. Like bragging about the first time it uses the potty, it’s first time on a flight, because the only think that interests me about childbirth is the before and after pussy shots and maybe a sample of breast milk, the little workings that make the fucker precious to you, really have nothing to do with my life, so you can just keep it to yourself, and while you do that, you can check out Rachel Bilson in leggings, an article of clothing that was once so fucking exciting, but has become everyday practice by so many fat chicks who think they can pull it off because all their friends are doing it, leading me wishing the shit was never re-introduced and left in the early 90s where they belong….

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Rachel Bilson Rocks a Maternity Dress of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson swimming in her dress. I know local girls who do that shit here, usually because they are fat and trying to distract you from seeing their fat or because they are pregnant and don’t want you to know they have out of wedlock, unprotected sex with dudes from Canada who are in the new Star Wars trilogy…

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Rachel Bilson’s Ass in Jeans of the Day

I used to think Rachel Bilson had this really tight body and probably a pussy to match because she’s so tiny and dates guys like the dude in Star Wars who I assume has no penis. She’s the kind of girl I’d like to believe uses the pediatric sized speculum at the gynecologists. You know when you slam the bitch with your 4 inches of pathetic cock, the bed looks like a fuckin’ murder scene and you sit there smiling like you just taught the bitch proper. Then i realized you can fit pretty much a fist in any girl with a little patience and the right lubricant, ideally her tears if you do things the right way, but that’s just because pussy is made for making babies….

Unfortunately, her pictures are always fucking boring to me and I feel like she’s the kind of girl who you would hang with and rather play videogames or watch Sex in the City with, than fuck because she just doesn’t inspire much more than a good night’s sleep. The good news is that at least she’s got a tight lookin’ ass and in the fat world we live in, I can handle lookin’ at pics of it.

Here are a couple more from the other day….

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Rachel Bilson in Her White Dress of the Day

Everyone is freaking out over how tight bodied Rachel Bilson is. It’s called cocaine and you can get there too, all you need is a 40 bag habbit a day. The reason I know this is because she was in Montreal fucking Zach Braff because she obviously has no self respect while filming that shitty movie about the Last Kiss and she was out in clubs everynight ripping lines and if I am wrong she can sue me and if she sues me, I will be more than happy to go to court but not as happy as you would be because getting that close to someone who touched Darth Vader’s penis is like a god to you, because you are a fucking loser.

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Rachel Bilson’s Barren Womb of the Day

Here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson’s tits holding a doll like she’s some kind of mother who just lost her baby to cancer, or maybe like some kind of 38 year old woman who has been trying to have babies for the last 5 years but has some kind of fucked up uterus because she’s not all woman. I guess she’s taking the whole celebrity pregnancy shit to heart and wishes she could fit in with the fertile girls and this is her only option to accessorize in fashion. I guess it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that she’s banging that dude from Star Wars and that probably makes you really upset because you are into Star Wars and have a bit of a man crush on the fucker and late at night as you lie in bed alone you imagine you were with him but know that he’s with this bitch. She’s ruining all your fun and you hate her. I know how these things work and don’t worry, it’s not that gay that you just want to explore the darkside of a guy who is part of the only thing you love….well actually it is, but I doubt you’re his type so for now it’s just your dirty little secret no one needs to know about and that makes you and your fantasies a lot more socially acceptable and leaves you up to little scrutiny from your peers and the good news is that you can jerk off to these pics knowing that your dream boy jerks off on them.

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Rachel Bilson is in the Most Annoying Relationship of the Day

So Rachel Bilson and Star Wars are the new “it” couple in Hollywood and that means that they have to star in movies together because it’s great marketing. They just finished one about Egypt and now they are doing this one and the good news is that the stress of spending everyday and every night together will probably break them up because Star Wars won’t have enough down time to himself to play videogames and fuck other chicks behind her back cuz she’ll always been peering over motherfucker’s shoulder. I guess Hollywood can break love as fast as it makes love and her being single is probably a good thing because she looks like a total slut.

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Rachel Bilson’s Blonde Hair Looks Like Shit of the Day

Rachel Bilson obviously got a new role playing someone who has no sex appeal and proves that the whole blondes have more fun expression isn’t the case for everyone. She’s more like blondes who mistakenly got their hair dyed in hopes of having more fun, but shit backfired and now she’s stuck hiding out at home or wearing hats out in public because her hair dresser said if she dyes her hair again it will all fall out….

I had a little altercation with a fake blonde Jewish girl the other day. I feel like I wrote this story out yesterday about running into her on my daily coffee excursion but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so maybe I didn’t. I’ll keep it short.

So I’m getting my coffee and these two Jewish twenty somethings are talking about how great their lives are. They are talking about their weddings and how amazing the honeymoon was, and pretty much being competitive in their boring married by 25 way. They started talking about how happy they were for following the suburban template where you marrying after university and have kids after working a few years and realize that it sucks and raise those kids the same way they were raised with vacations, private schools and summer camp.

I didn’t really pay attention, but about 5 minutes into their conversation I could tell that they were being cunts towards mutual highschool friends who to them weren’t up to par. Some were still in University after 5 years, some dropped out to go to trade school or work for family, others fell off track because of boyfriends, others who were into partying and living off their trust funds and would never amount to shit and that’s when I got annoyed. I hate people who think they are better than other people because they followed the traditional boring path in life and have no concept of having a little adventure or creating their own destiny. I also hate people who are boring and have boring conversations about how great they are because they followed the traditional path in life all while doing it loud enough for me and everyone to hear, like we weren’t even in their self absorbed world revolves around them coffee shop…

I decided to chime in and said something along the lines of “Shit, I didn’t realize that Jews had their own Mother Theresa and that she should really become a life coach because her life is so fuckin’ great, but be sure to not teach shit about lookin’ good in those courses because you look like something scraped out of the Holocaust oven that shouldn’t have been salvaged”. They didn’t laugh and tried to get my name for a hate crime, but I told her I am not anti-semetic, I just hate annoying cunts. That’s when I walked out flustered and realized that I may be a little too high strung or bitter that my life was more of a nightmare than a Fairytale like theirs was….that’s when I started to cry.

Either way, here’s Rachel Bilson lookin’ like shit.

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Rachel Bilson’s Ass in Jeans of the Day

These are some pictures of Rachel Bilson doing some Anna Nicole Smith high class escorting that they pretend is love for the public because it turns out people are pretty judgmental when it comes to unconventional relationships. No one ever thinks that maybe bitch just has grandfather issues because he was never there for her growing up, he was too busy dying before she was born and this is her time to fill that empty void. Instead they just look at his bank account and figure that she’s just on a higher salary then at the strip club they met in and is just doing it for the money and not the hot arthritic sex they have. I can only assume people are just jealous because they never found a love so pure.

That said, Rachel Bilson is up on the same game, only she’s actually doing it with her real life grandfather and who are we to criticize. Sure the media, our western morals and scientific evidence say that it breeds retards and tells us that incest is wrong, but does that factor in her happiness from finding true love. I wanna know what love is and I want you to show me.

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I am – Rachel Bilson Does Santa Claus of the Day


There was a time when I used to dress up as Santa Claus at some shitty discount strip mall to make some extra money because Christmas is expensive, even when you don’t buy anyone in your family gifts because you hate them.

I used to sit there thinking about how much I’d rather have the mother’s of these annoying crying kids sitting on my lap asking me for dirty things for Christmas, that’s how I got through the job, but also the reason I got fired, because one time I had a little too much to drink before my shift and this slutty mother with the biggest tits walked up to me, put her kid on my lap and bent over, tits hanging out trying to calm her kid and my mind started racing and I got a boner…..the boss wasn’t impressed that Santa practically came all over his bright red suit like he was coming to town, while a 4 year old was on his lap.

I guess even ghetto stores frown on pedophilia, even when the whole concept of Santa is one of a man who sneaks into homes and lures little boys and girls with presents their parents can’t affort, like this dude I met who hangs with teenage boys and buys them things in exchange for them cleaning his house in their underwear…..

Either way, Rachel Bilson is one of those girl’s I wouldn’t mind giving my candy cane to, and by candy cane I mean impregnating her with tongue, because my penis doesn’t work, unfortunately for her, my rotting mouth doesn’t smell like peppermint, but she can always pretend. Cuddles.

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