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Jessica Chastain May Have Nipples in W Magazine of the Day


Jessica Chastain is a Juliard Graduate…which means she’s a real actress…professionally trained even though I think acting is a farce, a lie, bullshit and just something people who have massive egos do because they are pretentious and arrogant and have a confidence to be an asshole playing make belief for an audience…but maybe I am wrong…

I can’t really place in any movie that she’s done, but apparently she’s award winning…I guess I am ignorant, but it didn’t take Jessica Chastain to realize that…I generally don’t really care about 38 year olds…or their careers…but I do care that she apparently important enough to show her old lady nipples in W Magazine….and nipples, even old lady nipples are fun to look at…part of the reason I applied for a job at an old folks home as a sponge bath giving orderly back in the 90s in the first place..before realizing…that there is such thing as too old nipples…and more important…vagina…Chastain has a few years before that happens though…so let her show off her talent while she can

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Jessica Chastain in Lingerie for Interview of the Day

I’ve never seen THE HELP and even if I did, girls become invisible at 30…it’s like they don’t even exist…and never really existed…unless you marry them and are stuck listening to their shit.

So unless you were famous before 30, it’s going to be impossible for this motherfucker to figure you out…I mean until you start posing in underwear..then I look – but I don’t really want to touch – because well – it’s like chewing old gum you find on the sidewalk – it’s been done…no matter how tasty and pink it may be…

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Jessica Chastain Half Naked for GQ of the Day

I didn’t know who Jessica Chastain was…or why she was posing her lovely orange head that means she has orange pubic hair…that reminds me that I’ve never tasted Orange pubic hair…cuz orange Pubic hair used to make me gag back when I had the chance to eat it…all jacked up on a whiter than white freckled background with bright red labia in contrast to the pale…making it a mess I didn’t want to explore until I got older and weirder….

But it turns out that she went from being in 1 movie in 2010…to being in 11 movies in 2011…one of which called The Help that she was nominated for an Oscar for….

If that’s not some “Sold my sole to the devil” shit..I don’t know what is…cuz going from out of work…extra on Law and Order…to super star…makes no fucking sense….

But what does make sense is staring at her half naked pics as she’s posing in GQ…

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