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Kendall Jenner Nipple Celebrates 40 Million Followers with Censored Tit Flash of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.43.06 PM


Kendall Jenner hit 40 million followers…so she flashed her tit…like some white trash, trailer park trash, college coed at some frat party before jumping into a wet t-shirt contest…

Not that I have anything against titty flashes, I think tits are great and I sexualize them harder than Feminists could ever imagine a tit being sexualized….in their “It’s to feed babies”….even though they have a lot of downtime when not feeding babies, especially when they are 20 and being used to get noticed…when babies aren’t even in the fucking mix…plenty of opportunity for people like me to sexualize the motherfuckers…or the the owner of the motherfuckers to take a cue from the family code of conduct manual they are given at birth that the mom spent the fucking OJ years writing…it’s called “Owning the Fucking Media like it was a Rich Man with Our Pussies”…


Here’s the rest of her shoot – by Moises Arias who was so lucky to spend time with Kendall taking pics…at least that’s probably what she thinks.

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Kendall Jenner’s Butt Shot for her Birthday of the Day

Kendall Jenner turning 20 years old was trending on social media…

That blows my fucking mind…

Even with her booty pics like this cry for attention from her instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.02.26 PM

I don’t understand the appeal, or why people buy into these vapid little spoiled brats. I don’t understand why people follow their every move or feel connected to them. Is it because they watched them grow up and it’s on some Truman Show level of people sucked into the lie…that she’s not aware of, or is it just that there are so many of them that each one cross promotes the other to increase family wealth in what would make for a very depressing social experiment for anyone with a soul or depths, but these idiots just want designer clothes and in Kendall case to pose in the marketing campaigns for the designer clothes..and I guess the mall brand underwear also because that’s what young people think is important…it makes for a great social media..

I just don’t know why people feed into this shit…but I guess it’s just easy…like her sister…which is the reason we’re all here today talking about this shit..

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Kendall Jenner Talks Her “Insecurity” because she’s Real of the Day


I am amazed people refer to Kendal Jenner ar as a model or a supermodel…are they really that lazy?

There is nothing fashion model about this character from one of the trashiest shows on TV, other than the fact that her family can afford to buy her designer clothes, not that they have to buy designer clothes, designers who make clothes just send them free shit….

So the extent of her modeling is being a trash can of a human, from a trash can of a family, on a trash can of a show…but with a big social media following…that I guess converts for brands…because the general public are morons and buy what she tells them…or something I’ll never understand…

So with conversions, comes campaigns, because brands don’t give a fuck about concept or who they cast in their lazy at best concepts…they just care about conversions…and like her dad…who converted his gender…this bitch converts…

But I will never call a social media personality from a garbage trash TV show..a supermodel…because marketing departments are lazy and say “people seem to like her, use her, the campaign will get noticed”..

It reminds us that all this is an absolute joke…. the fashion industry, the celebrity world, and social media…jokes…

It’s like mindless idiots don’t take a second to think “she’s not very hot, she’s not really a model, she is on a garbage show and represents all wrong in the world, giving her this work is just feeding into this bullshit and perpetuating it, which is easier than being innovative or taking risks”…and the whole thing…is vile…it’s just suck up bitches sucking up to bitches…

She is not cute, she’s not important, interesting, a leader, an innovator, she’s just a lie, a pile of bullshit lie….she is a Kardashian…and she’s playing a model for fun, like everyday is Halloween, because she can…we allow it, the brands allow it…stop celebrating shit..

The best Kendall Quote is from her app – talking about her “insecurities”…made me laugh:

I had such bad acne when I was younger. It completely ruined my self-esteem. I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.” She then goes on to discuss the way in which she found an acne solution through both [INSERT PRODUCT PLACEMENT HERE] and growing older.

“What I want everyone to understand is that it’s been a process: It wasn’t anything that happened overnight. But slowly, I’m working towards not caring, and I’m just in so much of a better place about it all now that I’m older,”

Is this a fucking joke? Here’s her campaign for H&M.

It’s gotta be a joke…

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Kendall Jenner Titty From Behind of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.05.53 PM

Here’s a little Kendall Jenner promoting Calvin Klein like a little hooker who gets naked because brands offer her money, which has less integrity than her sister Kim, who was a little hooker getting fucked for the dream of making money, because there was as good a chance her sex tape was a dud – like a bunch of other fame whores like Tila Tequila or Shauna Sand….but instead turned into a fucking empire..because the one percent have the ability to spin stories and make even the offensive porn shit that gets other people kicked out of their colleges and fired from their jobs…into billions of entertainment dollars…

I realize we’re in the era of the gaping asshole, and a little tit from behind isn’t anything major or controversial but a symbol of everything wrong with this family, in the least offensive way, because she’s the whitest one and obviously white is better…than the other shit…sprayed on this trashy fucking family…

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Kendall Jenner’s Nipple Ring of the Day


Kendall Jenner has a nipple ring…

She also posted this pictures of her ass…

It is safe to say…she’s conditioned, designed, created, built for this bullshit family and their bullshit existence, that I guess isn’t bullshit, since they can monetize the fuck out of it…and I’m here writing about her nipple ring, even though we’ve already seen her tits, and even though every under 25 year old seems to have nipple rings…it’s not exciting…it’s annoying…but I can’t help but put this up…sheer white tee is beating my boycott of this garbage and everything about them…

All these idiots are the fucking same, basic, typical…annoying…but sheer white tee…always wins…and they know it…that’s why they do it…HARLOTS!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.49.33 PM

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Kendall Jenner Cameltoe of the Day

Kendall Jenner’s pants are jacked up into her pussy…which is pretty impressive…because as a Kardashian, you’d expect anything black jacked up in her pussy to be a signed rapper…

But I guess she’s the one they are marketing to white people, through “fashion” modeling, even though she’s really just an instagram model getting work because she has a following, who I assume has fucked Bieber…and probably a lot of people, becuase young people are sluts addicted to sex and cumming thanks to being raised on porn….but that no one has really cared about enough to delve into her personal life…because seriously…who fucking cares…

I just care about cameltoes…they always turn me on, I mean except when they are on old ladies and moms with fat gunt’s because I just think of how broken down that old pick up truck / mini van / large vagina is…but on an 18 year old, even if she’s probably been fisted many times in her sexual “doesn’t have a daddy” encounters…you know the biggest vagina an 18 year old has ever had…it’s still more appealing to want to suffocate on…thanks to youth..

That’s it…oh, here she is modeling…as a hobby…even though she gets paid…and these are real companies she’s modeling for…and it is a real Fashion week…but the whole industry is a joke…this shit is a joke….fuck everybody…we’re all doomed…thanks to these jokes that have become real life…


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Caitlin Jenner’s Neglected and Confused Daughter’s of the Day


A day, doesn’t seem to be a day, it doesn’t seem to matter or count, unless there is some Kylie and Kendall Jenner coverage, because Kyle and Kendall Jenner are spawns of the worst fame whores in the history of fame whoring, but thanks to that fame whoring, can play it off like they aren’t fame whores, but rather just famous due to fame whores, giving them some level of credibility, even though we as a people know that they are just pawns in a master chess game their mother, who you know was less of a mother and more of a manager too busy for them, shat out of her pussy….it’s all business for these people….

But I guess when you distract Kylie Jenner and her Waist to Hip Ratio with black cock, fans, some jobs and hustling the hip hop market they are dialed into…I mean her sister is Kanye West…when not getting plastic surgery to have a comedic waist to hip ration at 18, when she should hardly have a body…

And Kendall and her thong in pantyhose ass with a fake modeling career that’s become an actual modeling career due to the power of suggestion and a world too lazy to question….


And Nipples:


They don’t commit suicide…yet…

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Kendall Jenner’s Vogue Japan Nipples of the Day


Kendall Jenner has nipples that she’s decided to show off in Vogue Japan’s feature on her, because I guess she realizes that showing her nipples is good for business, especially in Japan where people are obsessive over American cultural icons they don’t fully understand, but that they will pay millions of dollars a year to promote random Japanese products…

There’s no way this isn’t a strategic move, she’s a Kardashian and everything they do is a tactic to manipulate the media, and it works…despite the fact that they don’t work…

I find the whole thing pretty disgusting, in terms of legacy or message they are giving to young girls who are their fans, it’s almost as bad as child molestation, because it’s pollution their minds into thinking that when given a voice and a platform, it’s best to not get an education, but rather to be a vapid topless cunt…

It’s just greed, narcissm, and even with nipples telling other girls to show their nipples, because nipples are great…it can’t be good for society..

I’m not a religious man, I’m not a preacher, but I know evil when I see it….and when the most powerful, money generating family in the media is this crew of kitchen garbage…and the general public are dumber than ever buying into this shit…bad things will happen…

I am all for girls sending me sex tapes and masturbation videos, and even if Kim K was a the catalyst who made that mainstream, and the idea of mainstream girls getting naked in videos, instead of porn chicks, making the naked selfie far more accessible everywhere I fucking look, even making the dude from snapchat a billionaire, and making me get at least 10 spread pussy pics emailed to me a day…instead of one a week or less from some fat married freak…I used to get…I’d trade it all in to get rid of these people…or maybe I wouldn’t…I like my nudes and can ignore these Kardashians…FTW…maybe this is the first sign of the end of the world! YAY!!


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Kendall Jenner’s Uncensored Vogue Japan Picture of the Day


WHo fucking cares…I don’t know if this is legitimately the uncensored Vogue Japan picture of Kendall Jenner, who is the covergirl of Vogue Japan…

It’s very possible that some lonely, sad, virgin loser…no not me….sat on photoshop, trying to get it perfect, so that the nipples he pasted on would go viral, for people to think they are Kendall nipples, and so they jerk off to Kendall nipples, when really the nipples were cut and paste from a dude and stretched out….

She got her nipples from her daddy…Caitlin…

She got her career from her mom’s relentless, gets what she wants, hooker turned mom of 100 persuasiveness…you know 40 years in LA fucking rich guys and guys who think they are women has her dialed in…

She got her ability to whore herself from every woman in her family, it’s their thing..

She got her celebrity from middle America fascinated by this family…because I guess where there are from the brown people don’t have mansions…and it’s fascinating to them and their Walmart jobs…

So if these are her nipples, in the free the nipple era, they don’t matter..they are just nipples, even though I like sucking nipples when I cum…

If these are some weird pervert with a computer, no friends, and a lot of time on his hands, because thursday in some small down is just like any other horrible day…

You’ll find a way to jerk off to it, I believe in you.

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Kendall Jenner’s Rock the VOTE is the LOL of the Day

This is the first time I’ve heard Kendall Jenner speak….and it was hilarious….the idea of Kendall Jenner, a high school drop out who chose to be a model because her family could buy her a modeling career instead of getting an education, tell the history of anything, especially something so iconic for the feminist movement, while her entire existence is based on objectifying women, in theory by exposing them in porn, even though they were the one behind it, and I guess were empowered to created this existence for their entire family…like some kind of feminist leader that should encourage all other girls to fuck in video in hopes to get famous…because it may seem vapid and anti-feminist, but it’s so fabulous or some shit..

What a joke…Kendall being the voice of anything but how to buy modeling contract due to instagram following…make zero fucking sense and is just her being a puppet to someone else’s agenda…I’m thinking Trump…because her dad’s a republican and because reality show stars need to stick together…

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.24.42 PM

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Kendall Jenner Shaving Her Legs Like Her Dad for Fashion Week of the Day

Kendall Jenner, I assume this is Kendall Jenner, but it could be her father, posted a video of her shaving her legs, because I guess she though tit was funny, to show the world her dad shaving his legs, because dad’s don’t shave their legs, unless it is for sensationalizing a serious situation like Transgender for his personal gain, all while being spun into being a hero or a martyr by the same people who created Kim Kardashian as a victim and pop culture Icon from a porn career..

They have a good team behind them…

Unless this is Kendall Jenner, in which case: Fashion week…Fashion week….Fashion week…

Here she is in high waisted jeans…with Steven Tyler…because she’s a Top Model…thanks to the same people who turned Kim Kadashian into a fashion and pop culture icon….they can spin pretty much everything..




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Kendall Jenner Panty Flash of the Day


Kendall Jenner’s fame whoring involved Hailey Baldwin molesting her…


And a Video:

These girls must be the fucking worst….always on their motherfucking phone..

Producing nonsense, flimsy garbage content that distracts their fans from being free thinking, creative, interesting, or independent thinkers…#illuminati…

We perpetuate this low hanging fruit, noise….

We created these people…

We follow them and the brands hire them because we follow them…

And I’m just ready for a crazed fan to assassinate them…all of them….it’s the random act of violence America needs…but before they do….make sure they steal all the Jenner sex videos…because if this is what they put out there, the stuff they don’t must be better..more spread asshole…but then again, maybe they put their best stuff out there…to keep making that bullshit money…

All this to say…

Why am I Posting this..

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Kendall Jenners Shitty Ad for a Cosmetic Brand of the Day

This is probably one of the worst ads ever….it’s Kendall Jenner walking around in a period friendly outfit…and it’s the worst…but not as bad as her sister Kylie, who’s been posting pics of fat chicks and mutant chicks on her instagram to appear to be a supporter of all people, anti bullying nonsense, because I guess it diverts from her being a young whore, who fucks an older black dude whole on her quest of being a whore…all while looking like a 45 year old whore…thanks to the whore family’s make up artist….

I guess that has nothing to do with this Jenner, but I mean they do share the same Dad who is a Mom and mom who is sent from hell to sell them off to the world for profit….and despite handing those issues while counting all their money differenty…they are still the same pile of shit that will end in a drug overdose at 50 when people actually don’t care about them….and their pile of money seems less exciting..

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Khloe and Kendall Kardashian in Bikinis of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.35.34 AM

Oh yeah…look at the monster Kardashian looking less and less like her tranny stepdad wants to look…you know big and burly, thanks to fitness plastic surgery, and waist training belts I am sure you can buy if you click one of their social media links, all posing with the young one in a bikini, in a series of photos, that attention whores love….for their instagram….and that I love…for the bikini pics…even if they should be anal sex videos. That’s the caliber of talent this is…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.35.24 AM

Khloe and Kendall Kardashian and their hybrid Kylie…that I assume was created in the lab in the family’s basement next to their on-call plastic surgeon…to help perpetuate their existence…so that they never die off and keep on hitting us from other angles…marketed to new generations…Khloe to men who are into younger Caitlins, you know the kind of dudes who like being pegged by a monster with tits, while Kendall is the “fashion icon”…and “Kylie” is the young Kim, in the hip hop scene….it’s all so calculated…I’m excited for there to be a freak out…murder suicide when the pressure is just too much for one of them to handle…because they have over-used the media…made a lot of money…and it becomes a breeding ground for serious mental health issues…

The funny thing in all this is that you know they think they are the Royal family of the USA….and USA think they are the Royal Family…because they are keeping themselves alive because of you…

I guess I am part of the problem, not that anyone reads this site, but I’m a sucker for selfies that have been photoshopped, because why look at real things, when we can have vapid, fake, garbage…..like this..on their luxury bikini vacations…

Garbage…I owuldn’t even want to fuck…but I want to fuck anything, it doesn’t even need to be alive…..not that they’d fuck me, obviously they wouldn’t fuck me, they think they are royalty and have so much money, because people are drawn to followers, and they will forever be celebrated by dudes wanting to fuck them….

This is so fucking cheesy….but not as cheesy as the secretions that drip out of their played out, banged out, pussies.

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Kendall Jenner Boring for Vogue of the Day


Kendall Jenner is playing make belief…as a lot of rich people do, but they believe their bulsshit so hard, that other people around them believe it to….So it makes sense that she’s considered a model, because she’s skinny enough, tall enough, and relevant enough in this social media driven world…

It’s like she’s not as disgusting as the other Kardashians and she targets a younger generation of people who are just idiots impressed by instagram followers, because they don’t have patience to watch movies or get into people with actual talent, but rather they just accept the low hanging fruit, kitchen garbage people that are dropped in their face..

And really, Vogue just perpetuates this shit because they want to make ad dollars…

Kendall Jenner is average at best…but I guess so are all models…but turning a reality star into a Vogue Cover girl…is just the fucking worst…the world…so misguided..

She’s just so average and this photoshoot is just garbage. She’s the kind of girl we are interested in when naked, not like this

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