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Kendall Jenner Can Do It thanks to Kim K’s Tits of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.19.29 PM
Kendall Jenner was dressed like the lesbian in the wartime “We Can Do It” campaign – featuring Geraldine Doyle – who only worked in a factory for a few weeks…because she could do it, but was more into quitting doing it to marry a dentist and have 6 kids….

The “We Can Do It” poster was designed to encourage laborers to not strike, but in the roaring 80s…it was brought back as a Feminist image for equal rights for women in the workplace….

In 2015…they have taken that imagery of “woman power”, even if it wasn’t intended as a Women’s Power campaign in the 40s when it happened, and pretty much shit on the memory and purpose of the 75 year old image, by having some vapid rich kid who has never worked a day in her life because her sister got fucked by a black dude on camera and her rich family was able to leverage that into a trainwreck with great ratings…who has only taught the young women of tomorrow that being a vapid cunt is fun, especially when you go to the cool parties and drive a Range Rover or G Wagon or Rolls Royce….and that all you have to do is pander to men using your sexuality or even fuck them on camera and the good life filled with NOT ACTUALLY working can be yours….people will just pay you to live because “we can do it”….

The plight of the feminsits of the 60s had this vision in mind when they fought their fight….they said – fuck equal pay, let’s make sluts famous for acting slutty and having no soul, no substance or values…

The whore thing is offensive..SCAB,.

Instead of doing a separate post on the source of all this evil, or at least the first of the daughters to take the hooker mother’s lead and tyrant rich bitch values, to create a clan of “real life soap opera basic america love”…shit…Kim Kardashian in a bra – with a hard nipple because she wants to be remembered…

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Kendall’s Ass of the Day


Kendall Jenner is double dipping in Love Magazine, maybe she’s like an Athlete who gets extra money from his Sponsors when he gets published in magazines or featured on TV shows, like he’s won some kind of award or some shit….because she’s giving Love Magazine, who I guess has some level of cool factor to a person like Kendall Jenner who has no concept of cool has…

These rich kids are so detached from reality…in their weird insular bullshit overrated lives filled with cheesy people who suck up to them and want to be famous like them….it’s weird..

Maybe the family is just on Love Magazine’s payroll, since they did some massively viral – possibly the “break the internet” fully nude Kim Kadashian photoshoot…that the public seems to forget they can see her at her prime naked getting fucked by a big black cock…because her getting naked – is hardly breaking anything except maybe the chair she is sitting on or anything her naked disgusting body touches…

Point being, she’s wearing her sponsor Calvin in the magazine, showing her non existent ass, because she’s uneventful, not that hot, but exists and people seem to like talking about her…despite being garbage…myself included…and I hate myself for that and more – stay tuned to find out…

Not too far behind Kendall is her friend and possible employee GIGI

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.04.29 PM


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Kendall Jenner’s in a Campaign of the Day


Kendall Jenner is a pile of shit that dripped down Kris Kardashian’s leg and that for some reason that I call being on TV made the general public find her interesting…

She’s the equivalent of some weird pervert finding a used tampon in a dumpster and bringing it home with him to make love to and worship, you know saving it in the jar with the other used tampons he found, because he’s into used tampons…only on a mainstream scale….and I guess more human than a bloody tampon, even though she’s got less substance than a used tampon.

It blows my mind that all it takes is being some social media followed sister of a porn chick to book every single campaign ever…since brands want social media and using her as a model is like advertising in a magazine, it’s less about her, and more about getting published across her network of people who talk about her…

So she moves products, she gets people followers, she’s making a lot of fucking money because of it….and it really just required a good calculated stage mom…a team of 100 people, some of the best in the industry, a family of 20 all pushing for the same goal, and a TV show to make it happen.

All this to say, she’s not hot.

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Kendall Jenner Sluts Up for Love Magazine of the Day


I guess Kendall Jenner is in Love Magazine again. I figure they just did a photoshoot with all the girls from their Advent Calendar last fall, that they’ll release over the year in their magazine, because why bother coordinating with these people when you get them for a day to do the one cool thing the magazine does every year….

So get the social media whore to show up, milk the social media whore, feed into her rich kid ego, and hopefully she’ll plug you on social media so your company gets more followers and becomes higher profile..

That’s the only reason people are working with her, she’s not that hot, I can’t imagine she’s that good, because everything she does is shit, but peeople follow her bullshit…so latch the fuck onto it when you can like Love Magazine is doing….it’s good for business…some young spoiled rich kid…overrated slut is good for fucking business.

What a joke..

There were other garbage overrated fame whore trash that the media likes – and that I think should be taken out back and shot – in the form of Gigi Hadid never too far from Kendall, Selena Gomez never too far from dying of Lupus and Emily Rat-Cow never too far from doing any media to remind people she happened…cuz she’s done…

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Kendall Jenner in her Underwear of the Day


I wonder if Kendall Jenner will every discover that she’s just average looking and boring, talentless and half retarded thanks to growing up lazy with everything handed to her, making her unable to do or connect with the most basic of things in life…

Or if she’ll just continue to be sucked up to by brands, designers, agency people, agents, managers, other models and celebrities, who all want her to tag them on instagram to grow their own reach…

Will reality ever set in for her, or will she just remain as delusional as the rest of the family, whoring herself for a better tomorrow…for her cunt, self absorbed self, she can’t let this ever end…

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Kendall Jenner’s for Calvin Klein of the Day

We can all agree that Kendall Jenner isn’t hot. She’s not interesting. She’s just a puppet used by her family to peddle product. She will eventually realize this in some kind of breakdown. I’m sure at this stage of Vapid and riding high, she’ll be delusional and love every second, but when the mom dies of cancer, and she will, she needs to…the rest of the family will crumble…making her as obsolete as she can be…no longer getting campaigns…eventually killing herself or doing something positive…

Doesn’t matter, because right now, she’s doing big things for every brand…including Calvin Klein…milk her when you can…everyone else is….except you…because she’s too rich, famous for nothing, talentless and bratty for that…

This bitch is everywhere…

Here are the rest of Calvin Kampaign pics…

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Kendall Jenner and the Hadid Brats Dance of the DAy

Kendall Jenner is into dancing, but that doesn’t mean she’s interesting, talented or cool…it just means her mom is conditioning her for Dancing with the Stars when the career takes a lull, hell, she’s probably got a plan for a whole Karashian season of Dancing with the Stars once their sheer media power to sell product fades when the world collectively unfollows every single one of them

The sad thing is that the general public is too fucking lazy to go in and figure out all their names to unfollow them, so it’s just easier to “like their pics”…because clearly they are doing something right and will do something interesting…even though they never did…

They peaked with the sex tape and the sex tape wasn’t even that good…

But I guess in their mind, while Vogue and Chanel is booking them for work or photoshoot campaigns, because if they promote it, it gets seen and if it gets seen they get their moneys worth, all while these three rich kids are virtually playing dress up like they did as little bratty tweens, only in real life…because the world is fucking set up for them to be this…

That’s why they are all doing their white girl twerk, hood dance, bullshit cultural appropriation, because this is what white girls are into and how white girls act, whether they’ve won at life or not…all done up for an elegant shoot…because they are so fun and I guess because this is a joke to them but this makes them current, relatable to other white girls who follow them..and the whole thing is so stupid..but here she is dancing on her instagram like the lame, cheesy bitch she is..

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Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Compare Asses of the Day


Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are together…showing off their non-existent asses that even their leggings don’t push up and support like they are designed to do, because these bitches just starve themselves in efforts of being mistaken for REAL models…when they are not real models, but they are rich and in the rich kid scene and have fucked Bieber…

They are garbage, overrated, over celebrated, for no reason other than that they have a good team behind them.

I am convinced that Hailey tries to maintain this relationship with Kendall, trying to be her groupie and friend, possibly paying Kendall 10 percent of her earnings to be invited places and on jobs, while Kendall acts like a PREMIUM Kardashian….who works in the real companies, magazines and brands, like a real model, because magazines and brands are idiots trying to get in on the hype, like they were Bieber’s dick, but I guess different…and less annoying.

It’s a scam, they are a scam, they aren’t even hot…and they are milking this hard, and I hate that it’s working.

The world is so fucking lazy.



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Kendall Jenner Practicing Her Family Craft of the Day


Here’s Kendall Jenner posting some training videos her mom puts her through…

We call it the get used to the camera, that makes us money, open that mouth, that makes us money, when they two come together, that makes us money, now open wider, the dick you’ll be sucking when we need you to bring out the big guns, and to dial into our core business and brand, will be massive and black…WIDER…and keep those eyes looking at the camera…good girl….now go promote some nonsense on your instagram and get us paid….we own the world…WE OWN THE WORLD….

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Kendall Jenner Lesbian-ing on Kylie Jenner of the Day

There’s a story that Kendall is dating some One Direction dude who fucked Taylor Swift named Harry Styles, because they were on a yacht together with Gigi Hadid and the other One Direction kid….

But then there’s another story that Kendall is a dyke and dating Cara Delevigne.

All stories produced by Kris Jenner…to keep people talking..

When the real story is if they were able to take this twerk video and carry it into a lesbian incest storyline and sex tape…Kendall always sexually assaults her…but they just fuck the same dudes…but can’t touch since that’s illegal…at least they’d be where they belong as broken, low level bottom feeders.

Kylie and Kendall are totally uninteresting characters, we can assume they are really fucking damaged, which gives us hope of a horrible crash and burn, as these things tend to happen, it’s just remarkable to me, that they’ve existed this long. I mean I guess America is really fucking mindless and dumb and buy into tabloid idiots, because it’s more interesting than taking correspondence classes to get their high school equivalency…

I mean if you think about it, their mom is this narcissist whore mongering woman, who uses her own kids as her talent pool of whores to monger…her sister’s a porn chick, her other sister is OJs kid, their dad is a woman….and through their whole life their were fucking puppets, watched in the fishbowl, used to sell product and a bullshit tabloid story, and one has become an overrated model…she’s just not a model…and the other is a lingerie clad booty model, despite being white, thanks to plastic surgery and her whore sister lead…

I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, it’s just unbelievable that in a world with so much content, these people book work. That brands support them despite being garbage, up on some Honey Boo Boo shit, but instead…everyone is working for them. I do not get it.

I also don’t get these softcore porn videos…Rolling Around in Lingerie…for no reason set to music. They are SO fucking cheesy…but I guess you can see their ass…straight for Kylie’s teen porn app…


Either way, they are doughy, vile, garbage…that must die.

Oh and here’s Kendall in Vogue….because Vogue supports garbage…if it is rich, has good rich, and looks like its disgusting mom….

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Kendall Jenner on a Yacht, In a Bikini, With One Direction of the Day


Kendall Jenner is a useless, overrated, instagram personality who apparently matters to the younger generation because she does such fun things, and she’s been marketed to them from a young age…all while having little to no talent, but rather fame whoring parents…who know the system…so much they have sex changes for attention…

I have seen Kendall in person, there’s nothing great about her at all, if she wasn’t a Kardashian all done up, with people giving her a ton of attention, you wouldn’t even notice her…you know terribly fucking average…but she gets paid to promote shit that people buy – thanks to the family knowing the system, working the system, at any and all expense…and the fact that they continue to exist, and that brands continue to support them and work with them, blows my fucking mind, when I know it was all built of unprotected interracial sex tapes…that they fucking staged. Insane.

The world is insane…

Well, she’s apparently fucking a dude named Harry Styles, who has also fucked Taylor Swift and I’m sure a lot of other people, not just Simon Cowell, the man who created his band One Direction, but groupies…and in this circle of all the same people going to all the same places in trying to all get the same attention…to make the same money…pass around the same bitches, or in this case the same male popstars…

Here’s a mid post Musical break….by Taylor Swift, because Kendall is Taylor Swift’s friend and she is fucking her ex boyfriend, who is really just a dude she fucked for a few minutes in their self involved narcissism… we might as well post her new picture about her in some dress trying to be hot….with some of the worst fucking music ever produced…in a video of her running away from wolves in one of the dumbest concepts…of boys hurting her feelings….she’s the fucking worst..

Now back to Kendall…They are all vile people…but here she is average in an above average yacht…being overly endorsed and attended to…when really she’s garbage..which I guess would explain why she’s attaching herself to a young famous terribly relevant dude…it’s good for biz and that’s what these pieces of shit care about…

Her BFF, who I think she created and owns, Gigi Hadid is fucking another memeber of One Direction, so I guess this UK penetrating LA rich kid scenester fake models…is what’s going on here…

I’m in my 40s, why am I writing this, when we should just look at the only white Kardashian ass..whether with a white guy or not…unlike the family tradition..is so average, boring, overrated, but still worth cumming on and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Kendall Jenner Looks Like Caitlyn Jenner for Love Magazine of the Day

Kendall Jenner is the Christmas Eve girl for Love Magazine…because this has been her year, everyday is Christmas, because she gets hired despite there never being s a less talented, interesting, non-compelling, at least she’s skinny, but really when I saw her in person, next to an actual hot model chick, you realize the lie they are perpetuating with their media power, her friend, who was probably less of a fame whore than her and her family was actually hot, and not a weird mix of Khloe, Caitlyn and the whore wrangling mom…..

She’s in underwear making a fool of herself for this Christmas fashion video that isn’t even a good half naked girl doing nothing fashion video, but she does have skinny legs, and a powerful family even if it is a lame family pushing her and making this average as FIRE as they can get it…

Love Magazine ruined Christmas…..in their worst, bottom feeding, sloppy concept advent calendar production to date….

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Kendall Jenner Shower Scene for Love Magazine December 1st Advent Calendar Video of the Day

Love Magazine has some cool factor in the “industry”, either a great PR team or a millionaire editor or publisher who congregates with these idiots and who has a relationship with model agents and publicists that get them the relevant talent, whether photo or video people or the “talent” and I use that word very fucking loosely…like Kendall Jenner..

Every december for the last many fucking years, I post their advent calendar, not because they pay me, but because I genuinely think it is good, and really if I didn’t hate on these people I’ll day, I’d totally suck up to them and feed their ego, to leverage them, to make this site more relevant….the problem is my soul doesn’t allow me to play the game like that and for that reason, coupled with laziness, disorganization and limited talent…I remain a critic not a creator…or whatever these Love magazine people are…beyond using Kendall to get hits to their shit…

These people hate being teased, are so sensitive and love being sucked up to, so if you meet a Kendall and want her to promote your shit, don’t call her the daughter of a tranny freak, just overrated and prostituted by her mother….because they’ve figured out how to trick the world…for now..

She’s not even cute…even in the shower…I despise her…

Via Love Magazine

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Kendall Jenner Posted Another Girl Nude of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.16.33 PM

So along with Tranny porn, the Kardashians have ruined pretty much every….leaving nothing sacred, commercializing and monetizing on everything….

The young one who was statutory raped – according to the law – but not really because the family didn’t press charges, as they are all whores, including the “It”….figure the younger you’re filling that pussy, the more money you’ll make us…basic mom whoring out daughter story our nation was built on…

Now Kendall, is posting nude pics of other models naked on a horse, and the picture isn’t even that naked, there’s no nipple and/or labia, making it clothed to me…and the world is going nuts…

It’s a trending fucking story…whether it is her or not, even though, even if it was her, who fucking cares…these are whores…that’s what whores do…they get naked…for money…

I’m not an expert on the Kardashian machine, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Kendall’s nipples before, so why the fuck would her naked on a horse be a trending story…oh right, because America buys into this shit…and make it a trending story, or maybe…Kardashians are Facebook investors and get their stories fed to the sidebar…or maybe they just have such a big fanbase that if they post a story…it actually breaks the coding algorithm and trends…

Either way, fuck this family. They are a national security threat.

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Kendall Jenner Nipple Celebrates 40 Million Followers with Censored Tit Flash of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 12.43.06 PM


Kendall Jenner hit 40 million followers…so she flashed her tit…like some white trash, trailer park trash, college coed at some frat party before jumping into a wet t-shirt contest…

Not that I have anything against titty flashes, I think tits are great and I sexualize them harder than Feminists could ever imagine a tit being sexualized….in their “It’s to feed babies”….even though they have a lot of downtime when not feeding babies, especially when they are 20 and being used to get noticed…when babies aren’t even in the fucking mix…plenty of opportunity for people like me to sexualize the motherfuckers…or the the owner of the motherfuckers to take a cue from the family code of conduct manual they are given at birth that the mom spent the fucking OJ years writing…it’s called “Owning the Fucking Media like it was a Rich Man with Our Pussies”…


Here’s the rest of her shoot – by Moises Arias who was so lucky to spend time with Kendall taking pics…at least that’s probably what she thinks.

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