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Kourtney Kardashian’s Nipples of the Day


Kourtney Kardashian is part of the devil tribe of brown hairy monsters who have no business being famous…but who are famous because the media and Ryan Seacrest know how to influence the retard public…pretty much destroying the little faith I have in humanity…or at least in America….

And she’s showing her nipples…

Sure she’s not dead and I should only post on her when she’s dead…because fuck these idiots… she should be dead….but she’s not..she’s cashing the fuck in just being alive and that’s wrong….

But she is showing nipples….and nipples matter when, barely, when you’re old and your family is known for being peed on….in video…

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Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian in a Bathing Suits of the Day

Kourtney Kardashian was recently in a bathing… she was the cuter Kardashian when they were first branding themselves, and I hate saying that any of these monsters are anything interesting – or good…but comparatively – she was the one that fucked white guys…but she’s an old mom now, and cute has become totally uninteresting – and more importantly just another one we want to throw into the fucking fire pit where the rest of these idiots belong…

What is interesting – is the rebuilt Khloe Kardashian, the monster Kardashian, who has done a little fitness and a lot of plastic surgery – which is nothing abnormal for the family, they must have an in house dude – as this ass – is not her ass, it’s not even her dad OJ Simpson’s genetics…it’s all ass injections – clown ass – and the sickest thing about this disgusting creature is that young girls, 18 year old girls – follow her fucking lead…it’s so twisted…the world…is so twisted…so stupid looking – but black dudes love it…and that’s all that matters to her deep cunt.

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Kourtney Kardashian and the Other Whore Kardashian Whoring of the Day


The only girl in the family of whoring butt pics and themselves for a lot of money – from sex tape to big brand deals and products because the world is dumb…who fucks and gets knocked up by white dudes, while the others gone black…deep…just because black dick is the only dick that can navigate their fat asses…is trying to get in on the ass promotion because their ass doctor that lives in the shed out back of their house..doing “brazilian butt lifts everyday”…it’s a full time affair…because I guess she’s trying to get some attention…I’m not into it, but maybe you are….

Or maybe you’re more into the taller, daughter of a tranny, genetically the daughter of a tranny, who is probably a tranny to help her get PR for her fake modeling career…taking a selfie in a bikini because this is the kind of bitch who masturbates watching herself, so in love with herself, because the people around her tell her how great she is, while her parents don’t even notice her…she’s a lie…


Or Maybe you’re more into Kylie, the fat one, also neglected by her parents because they were too far gone, the transition was already happening before she got her period, forcing her to navigate whoring out deals her mom sells for her on her own, the one who they used to maximize the HIP HOP market, a market that is POP MUSIC that white people love and quote all fucking day, to the point where it’s annoying, not just because rappers fuck with social media stars with a famous family for press, but because they do collabs with music like Bieber…in this no scene, no integrity, giant ad that is the world….even this picture is a GOLDEN ARCHES post that was paid for by McDonalds…are you fucking kidding me…bitch is product placing McDonalds on her instagram in a world where we should be banning McDonalds due to toxic fucking food that makes people obese with their temptation….unreal..she doesn’t even have to say it’s a fucking ad…it’s just a logo you know…being clever knowing instagram blocks the hashtag ad…either way, do you think TUPAC would have done a song with New Kids on the Block…ask yourself that world…why do we live in an era where he wouldn’t have just done a song with New Kids on the Block, he’d also go to lame clubs with them and fuck groupies with a big social presence in hotel sweets surrounded by bars of Xanax and Coke…fucking up the whole culture and dynamic of the way things are supposed to be…groupies need to be whores who work at diners…and stripclubs…not pawns or puppets used to peddle product to a nation of retarded brainwashed kids…



If you don’t like that, and you shouldn’t, here’s her fat monster sister and her plastic surgery showing you, the people, the fans, the idiots who allow them to exist, that angles and FACETUNE on social media are FUCKING everything..and even a pig can frame herself in a way that both shows off an ass implant, because the family relies on butt shots, and a stomach laying down, using gravity to make people want to give her cavity searches…people who aren’t me, because I figure if you’re ever in a room with a Kardashian, it’s your responsibility to humanity to murder them, and not in a rape then murder way…but an actual murder you will go to jail for..but it’d be worth it…and remember – AIM FOR KIM….


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Kourtney Kardashian’s Spread Legs in Underwear of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.12.02 AM

I used to think that one of the worst things that could possibly happen is when a mom of two has the confidence to spread her legs in her underwear or even a bikini at the public pool..

Then I realized that it would probably be worse if she was naked and showing off the damage done from the lecherous creature that crawled out of her demon pussy…

Then I started sexting married moms because they were low maintenance and realized that young girls who get banged out by multiple men are way more beat up in the pussy.

Sure they haven’t had a 10 lbs potato rip them apart, but the thing with moms is that their pussies eventually bounce back in a big way, seeing as their husbands stop fucking them as soon as the babies happen…

But that doesn’t mean Kourtney Kardashian is hot half naked, she’s just photoshopped, plastic surgery bullshit or redeemed herself in anyway – she’s a fucking Kardashian and doesn’t stand a chance…but at least she’s rich, that impresses Americans…

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Kourtney Kardashian Nipple Slip of the Day



I guess Kourtney Kardashian was feeding her lecherous demon child that is obviously not as bad as its cousin, not because the cousin is half black but because it is half Kim Kardashin and Half Kanye which is really the garbage…

There’s a nice, and I use that world loosely, just not as loosely as Kim K’s asshole is, but nice enough none the less, not that I ever saw or would admit to thinking that this one, who was marketed as the hot one, is hot…but a thick mom nipple, works for me.

If you don’t like that – here’s Kendall’s Butt Shot..since Kendall is the actual hot one, even though she’s still tainted by the garbage that is Kardashian…and posts pics of her ass like this on social media..

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 12.46.23 PM

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Kourtney Kardashian Gets Paid to Eat Kit Kat of the Day

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian showing you something Kim Kardashian taught her when they were kids…how to take chocolate in her mouth and make millions of dollars…

Get it..


GET IT….yes…you get it…

Fuck these garbage can, overly monetized, advertising vehicles who are totally unralatable…yet people still fucking pay them…from riches to porn to more riches….enough for the whole family…

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Lookin’ Good Kourtney Kardashian the Drunk of the Day



It’s unfortunate that despite how broken down Kourtney Kardashian is, her drunk isn’t the beginning of the end for the family…even if she went off her rails and died in a drunk driving accident that killed a bunch of pre-schoolers including her own…the Kardashians would live on…Even if she went completely off the rails and got into mind altering drugs…or heroin or anything that made her manic..and she decided to kill off the family, to rid the world of the evil she felt guilty for…she’s probably only get through few of them before being taken out…thank to the mom’s active uterus…and widespread babies everywhere…they are impossible to get into the same room…

So this picture of her face…wasted…is nothing more than something to laugh at…which is too bad…because this good be so much more….like her dying…

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Weird Naked Kourtney Kardashian of the Day


I wonder if this family draw straws at Sunday dinner to see which one of them gets to be the naked, braless, hard nippled, bare ass, fat assed whore drawing in attention….and which one gets to take a few weeks off to get their plastic surgery and to recover and let it set…

It’s like there are so many of them, there’s this constant flow of content that is being put out there on rotation…it’s never fucking ending….and the only hope is that the flimsy world we live in, turns on them and loses interest, but in order for that to happen, a new family with 12 offspring, something only a whore mother’s vagina can handle, because she’s that commited to whoring, that she’s figured out how to mainstream the whoring…taking it from doing it for rich guys, to doing it for the world….and that level of whore desperation is hard to come by…meaning there is very little competition….meaning we’re stuck with these cunts…and their disgusting…everything…

But they make money, and I guess that’s the American dream…

Look how much the kids like Kylie 1 and Kylie 2 Jenner….

A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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Kourtney Kardashian Mom Tit of the Day


Oh look…a Kardashian showing off her tits…for the paparazzi she probably called….because her hair and make-up is done, but I guess it’s done everyday before they leave their house…they are reality stars, their world is their script…and that’s all there is to it…

I would prefer if this Kourtney Kardashian – Kardashian with babies was filling up her womb in video with sperm, as she does…but I’ll take fifth in line in the fame whoring of the group tit as enough…because really anything this girls do is too much…and they should all be taken out back and stoned…if only…we were in Africa…(see stepNEWS of the Day post from earlier today for video)….

She’s recently divorced from her fake relationship that made her baby daddy a lot of fucking money to keep his mouth shut on the family secrets of killing and lies…and everything behind the show that is evil, corrupt and media manipulation we will all find out about in 20 years when the biopic of the behind the scenes of these cocksuckers via a tell all book one of the maids, staffers of kids ousted publishes…because anyone, family, or company or both this powerful in the media deserves to be taken out…because they got there being very bad…unchristian people…

Here are the other cunts:

Kim’s Plastic Clown Face and Mom Tits breeding like the cow she is – with what we hope will be taken from her so it has a chance…

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.33.06 PM

Kendall Booked VS Fashion show because VS knows how to reach the youth market via “it” girls they’ve made celebrities even if both aren’t real models but rich cunts who think they deserve the world…

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.30.59 PM

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Kourtney Kardashian Topless / Naked in Vanity Fair of the Day



The only thing I find interesting about the Kardashians…is that the media is too lazy to not feature them in their bullshit…it’s like they are sitting around in nice offices with expense accounts thinking “who can we do a photoshoot on”…and the editor comes in and says “Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t had much press since her divorce from her fake marriage, and the PR team is HOUNDING US, plus it’ll get on their instagrams which is huge following, so let’s just go with that”….and the rest of the robots looking at their selfies go with it…because why challenge the editor when she’s doing the work for you…so you can go back to looking at your selfies…

The world is dumb and the only smart ones in all this are the Kardashians who are still cashing in after letting america into their rich person life…

And to think the Kardashians are smarter than billion dollar publsihing…is terrifying…

But at lest they show their tits and ass…even if they are moms and the second line of the family team…like good little whores..that even the most irrelevant of the family members are…even if they are disgusting…on all levels…

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Kourtney Kardashian Grinds her Mom Vag Against a Bike Seat of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 3.06.20 PM

There was a period of time where I got excited by girls on bikes…not necessarily in bikinis on bikes..just on bikes in general…because I knew their vaginas were rubbing against the seat really hard…and on hot summer days…vile and sexy…dripping with seat and broken dreams…

But when I see Kourtney Kardashian doing it, it doesn’t make me want to sniff the seat when she’s in the store buying a drink…like I do with some girls…if anything it’s repulsive…after all the babies and Kardashian pollution that comes with being a Kardashian…but for some reason…I’m still looking..


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Kourtney Kardashian Breast Pump of the Day


Kourtney Kardashian was at one point in time the hot Kardashian…before being replaced by Kendall Jenner as Kylie Jenner inspired a nation of youth to suck on bottles, to make their lips look fuller as reported earlier this week…just to prove she is that influential…amd matters…and the whole thing was probably sponsored by Pepsi…not that that matters…

What matters is that now that Kourntey is a mom Kardashian….she’s taken her ingrained, encoded, moral and values that were learned as a child, the same fame whore, attention seeking that you would assume is behind her birthing that is probably available online somewhere…and applied it to breast pumps, breast milk, breast feeding…it’s relelvant now thanks tio free the nipple, which meanit can get her some media hits…and there is something erotic about this…I just don’t know what it is…I mean can I see nipple? Or am i dreaming…

I just hope that along with her Kardashian famewhoring, she’s Kardashian monetizing and milking herself for some rich and obsessed fans with breast milk fetishes for 1,000 dollars an ounce…

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Kourtney Kardashian’s Big Mom Tits for Instagram of the Day

Kourtney Kardashian probably had another baby, I mean that’s what farm animal looking bitches do, they just shit out litter after litter…at least that’s what I am assuming happened because she’s only posting pics from her nipples up, because I assume she’s milk filled and loving it, but not so keen on the rest of her stretched out broken body, you know cuz she is a Kardashian, and even the hot ones have evil blood running through their veins…but tits are tits…so look at em…and try to analyze why she wasn’t the one with the sex tape, while the other fatter one was…I mean if you have absolutely nothing to do with your time….which I am gonna make a safe assumption that you don’t….


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KOurtney Kardashian is a Whale on the Beach of the Day

I will say this once and one time only…the Kardashians, or at least one of them has some level of decency and respect for the public, and unlike the rest of the self involved, attention seeking assholes, showed a little shame, by slipping her thick, mom of two body in a one-piece rather than a bikini, and I know any bitch on the beach in a bikini or bathing suit for the paparazzi is fame-whoring, and that celebrating the fact that her mangled mid-section that no one wants to see, and that she wants no one else to see, because it goes against the sex appeal lie she tries to project, is like celebrating a girl who only sucks dick for money, but doesn’t actually fuck for money while climbing the ladder of opportunity, you know she’s still a whore, but a more respectable whore because she keeps some of her sacred…or a gold digger who only fucks dudes with 10 million in the bank, because at least that way we can pretend to have some dignity…


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Kourtney Kardashian Flashes Her Mom Panties of the Day

The unfortunate thing with these pics of Kourtney Kardashian flashing her underwear is that you know if only she exposed herself this way in the bedroom, you know with a high school panty-on rule, the Kardasian DNA or Virus, depending on who you ask, wouldn’t have been passed onto a new generation of demon…but a Kardashian keeping on her panties, is a rare fucking thing, so seeing this mom, containing her junk, is probably more for practical purposes, like not scaring us with the scars of childbirth…you know vanity…rather than function…because no fabric is strong enough to contain this polluted garbage…Remember everything they do is staged and for attention…they are the fucking worst..

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