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Natalia Vodianova for ETAM of the Day

Back in February, I posted THESE ETAM CATALOG PICS WITH NATALIA VODIANOVA …saying how I hate catalog bikini pics, since they lack creativity….and are generally boring on all fronts, but sometimes when you dust off an old top model, who is in her 30s and who has been married and had three kids with at least one billionaire, as Russian girls do…because let’s face it, modelling is a great front from being an international escort who can find a rich husband in the most politically correct of ways…all glamour all the time…

So here she is in more catalog shots, that may suck, but that I think are lovely enough to post.

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Natalia Vodianova For Etam Of the Day

I generally hate any catalog bikini pics but I like Natalia Vodianova even though she’s 100 in the modelling world…she just has a rocking’ body that is old enough to remember communist Russia, and more importantly escaping communist russia, so for whoever is dating her, they can always show her pictures of her cold water flat when she misbehaves, only to threaten to send her back…even though she’s probably worth a lot of money…and that would never happen…but we are all allowed to have dreams…even mine involve her being a mail order bride..who knows her place in the world…rather than this amazingly hot success…

Here are the pics for her ETAM campaign.

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Natalia Vodianova’s Amazing in July’s Glamour France of the Day

Natalia Vodianova is a pretty major Russian model who never had to do the whole mail order bride or cam girl shit, because she’s in her 30s, and managed to escape that shit thanks to being one of the hottest fucking models around. One who can live the billionaire life, without having to

THis shoot isn’t naked, or really all that exciting, but she looks good, especially in those Debbie Does Dallas style shorts that remind me of masturbating in the 80s, when she was growing up, and luckily that’s enough.

It just amazes me that she’s got 3 kids….but still looks like this. It’s almost unnatural and I’d almost hate to see the condition of her pussy, and by hate, I mean I’d love give it a full examination with my mouth.

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Natalia Vodianova in Bikinis for Etam of the DAy

Natalia Vodianova is a legendary model, and here she is in bikinis for some company called Etam, and that’s all I have to say about that, because we all know I can stare at bikinis all day, especially on models, and why ruin it with words…just take it in…baby….forget all my usual nonsense….and stare at that body….

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Natalia Vodianova in her Underwear for L’Officiel Paris of the Day

Ridiculously hot 30 Year Old Russian Superstar Model…Natalia Vodianova who you may know as “The one who escaped the human sex trade and made it as a top earning model who made 9 million dollars in 2012″….is posing in her underwear for some fashion magazine and I like it….and not just because she’s rich…and famous as a model…and fantastic to look at…but because she was raised without a father back in Russia…and daddy issues are fucking porn to me. What isn’t porn to me is that she’s got 3 kids with some dude she’s no longer with….even though broken homes but more importantly stepfathering is kinda my hobby….but unfortunately some rich dude who’s dad runs the multi billion dollar luxury conglomerate that owns Louis Vuitton, Moet and Henessey…..makin’ her a gold digger…even though she’s got some gold of her own…

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Natalia Vodianova is a Wet Babe of the Day

Natalia Vodianova has been in the model game a long fucking time…I’m sure I’ve seen her topless at some point in time or another – cuz that’s what hot models do…especially when they are communist….because if they are old enough….like NATALIA VODIANOVA is…they remember what waiting in line for bread is…at that post traumatic stress leads to easy convincing….

Here she is all wet and lovely…and I like it.

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Natalia Vodianova in her Underwear of the Day

Natalia Vodianova is some Russian model who I always hear people talking about. She escaped Russia to be a successful model when she was 15. The perfect age for nude fashion shoots and topless runway shows because modeling is the only legal kiddie porn these days….not that I am into that stuff…but I know you are…

She’s married to some billionaire property guy in the UK, because Russian girls all think they are princesses, high maintenance bitches who forget about communism because they are too blinded by Dolce and Gabana and their gangster boyfriends….

She looks good half naked, I just wish I didn’t read that she has 3 kids on wikipedia, trying to bring you the facts, cuz that just ruined everything…

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Natalia Vodianova for Forum 2011 Campaign of the Day

Since I am a fashion site that links to porn sites and not a porn site that links to fashion sites cuz fashion sites make bank and porn sites make bank…but sites that somehow manage to float in the middle of the two make fucking nothing…so repackaging the shit was needed…here are some pictures of Natalia Vodianova, a model, in black and white pictures with some colorful cumshot effect, for the new Forum campaign, not that I know what forum would be, but I do know that this bitch is a well-liked communist who escaped being a mail-order bride and instead became an expensive model, but more importantly, that this campaign looks like some softcore porn sex scene I watched late night, and there’s nothing wrong with that…other than a lack of pussy lip and penetration….which I guess is a huge thing wrong with that….

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