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The New Heidi Montag’s Promo Pics of the Day

I don’t know why this cunt has Promo Pics. I guess it’s for her fantasy music career. When really her only celebrity is her trying to be a fucking celebrity. The good news is that Hollywood destroyed her small town Colorodo soul, and turned her into a fucking insecure, attention seeking, robot….and the better news is that the bitch is going to not be remembered in 5 years from now. Now, I’m not sure I’ll be alive in 5 years to see it, but at least I can die happy knowing that she’s fucking done…

Here are her new tits, new face, new everything trying pretty fucking hard and failing….cuz failure is porn to me…and fake tits are porn to you…because you’re a fucking loser.

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Heidi MOntag’s New Body Still Sweats of the Day

I am going to admit that Heidi Montag looks substantially better than she used to look, but seriously, that’s not saying much because her horse face and shitty ass wasn’t much to jerk off to, although, I’m sure at least one of you did jerk off to it. You sick fucks…

I guess she just proves to little girls everywhere and their parents who fear they will grow up to be ugly, that all it takes is a little money to sort yourself out.

Sure, part of me hates this attention whore and her bullshit in everything she does for attention, whether it’s being a virgin, being a christian or hiring a psychic manager, but the rest of me doesn’t give a fuck or really let Heidi Montag come into my daily thoughts….

So here is her pig attitude with her pig face sweating like a pig….lookin’ better than ever as her career that isn’t even a career slowly fades into a stripper pole back in her hometown…It’s nice to watch Hollywood suck people in, chew them up and spit them out. I’m ready for this one.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Heidi Montag and Her Triple D Tits Final Cry for Attention of the DAy

I didn’t want to bother writing about Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery because I knew it was her final publicity stunt before pretty much fading away into obscurity thanks to The Hills being replaced by Jersey Shore. I wanted to ignore her cuz I’ve given her too much attention…

See a few weeks ago, I noticed that Heidi and Spencer added me to twitter, despite me not bothering following them, so I wanted to check in and see what the fuck the deal was, and it turned out they were following 1000s of people in a desperate attempt to get more people behind them, but no one even care, so I smiled knowing they were done and went with my useless day….

Then this story of 10 surgeries, one asshole husband I fucking hate, a failed self-produced pop album she spent all her money on in some ill-advised strategy, some labia reduction surgery, a few new DDD bras and an insecure, useless bitch and I figured bitch has a little more fight in her….and sure she looks a little better…giving horse-headed whores everywhere hope, but I know this is just the beginning of her becoming one of those vile plastic surgery freaks I see in porn, at strip clubs or in pictures in rich Jewish households, and the whole thing is fucking funny to me….but not as funny as watching her new face struggle to talk in this video People Magazine produced….if you haven’t already seen it…

Watch The Video

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The Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein Showing Off Her Tits of the Day

You know Jocelyn Wildenstein as the woman who has had tons of plastic surgery to make herself look like a cat. She is a socialite who is married to some art dealing billionaire because he’s a billionaire and girls love money and I guess his money didn’t buy happiness, but instead bought her numerous plastic surgeries because she clearly has a serious mental illness, cuz she is trying to make herself look like a fucking cat and I am sure the husband doesn’t care cuz he’s either fucking other chicks, or considering he’s into that whole art thing, other men and just finances this shit to shut her the fuck up…..and to leave him alone….

I guess she’s realized that there’s more to beauty than spending her husbands money on operations, because here she is showing off her tits while working out with weights on her arms and legs, so I guess we can’t hate her for her weirdness, but should appreciate her for not being fat, not to mention fucking her face is probably less dangerous than the time my friend tried fucking an alley cat’s face and motherfucker attacked his dick like it was a mouse or some shit, not that that has anything to do with pretty much anything….and the real issue at hand is why the fuck I did a post on this bitch….I guess it had to do with her tits…cuz sometimes tits are all I need to justify my actions….

Pics via Bauer

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Joan Rivers Risks Melting in the Sun of the Day

Sometimes when I am in bed late at night, I lay there thinking that if Joan Rivers’ face looks like this….what could her pussy possibly look like…is it made of plastic, or a rubber insert, or is it the original model she was born with, that’s had no work done to it and is riped like the old peach I found behind my kitchen table last week and I don’t even eat peaches. Shit was so rotten, it was just a dried up shell…there was no moisture or smell, just death…..and I guess I will never know the answer….

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Hayden Panettiere’s Bikini is on a Boat With Some Plastic Bitches of the Day

Hayden Panettiere looks pretty good when thrown on a boat with a bunch of old rich hags who are jacked up on Plastic Surgery and look like annoying cunts to be around. She should do it more often because youth is a pretty magical thing, when on a boat with a bunch of vultures staring you down for still having yours while they try to hang onto theirs.

Normally this troll’s success and look offends me, like whenever I see ugly chicks think they are hot because dudes are perverts who are willing to fuck anything and they let it get to their ugly heads, but in this situation, based on comparison, she’s got it goin’ on. Enjoy.

Here are those plastic bitches….

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Nikki Cox and her Jacked Up Face Take Her Tits to a Basketball Game the Day

Nikki Cox is just one of those girls that is goodlooking, gets male attention, but never really feels comfortable in her skin, or that she’s really valued, so she spends her life insecure and jacking her face up with plastic surgery, ending up looking like a fucking clown that she things represents her true self, but more obvious proof of her self-hatred is that she dated Bobcat Goldthwait….

I guess she gives a good blowjob and here she is at some basketball game.

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Lisa Rinna’s Got Some Hot Fake Everything of the Day

Lisa Rinna likes plastic surgery more than most people and she still looks like a fucking monster to me, but seeing her tits busting out of her low cut top is enough to make me stare. Not necessarily the same kind of staring I do on the daily when girls in their summer dresses walk by me, or the kind of staring I got caught doing at some college after party I managed to crash a few months ago, that lead me to hiding in the bathroom closet watching girls roll through to pee, use coke, get busy with radoms and whatever else went on before I passed out and was found by some frat boy who tried playing the hero by getting rough with me before I sold him on the idea of putting a video camera where I was hiding because it would be good content, but more the kind of staring that happens everytime I see a retarded person limping around confused at the busy grocery story trying to use 4 year old coupons while buying their 3 bottles of coke with one hand down their shit stained inside-out pants, which has happened more than once.

Lisa Rinna is not necessarily a good thing, but is kinda entertaining when no one’s around to judge you or your freaky fetishes, like the week I spent practicing infantilism in the privacy of my own home. I was just trying to relive a childhood I never had, but quickly changed my tune when I realized there was no one there to change my diaper and I was starting to get a rash, making the whole thing pretty humilating.

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Lisa RInna Brings Out Her Bikini of the Day

The thing I like about Lisa Rinna is that she looks like she was in some kind of nuclear waste accident that made her look like some kind of mutant you’d jerk off to in one of your favorite comics, but the only accident that happened in her life is that she made enough money to pay a dude to mangle the fuck out of her face and body because she thought it made her look pretty.

It turns out that when she parades that catcher mitt face of hers around in a bikini, some of you fall into the trap and think it’s hot, while I just see an unnatural mess of a woman, but I guess if she puts that much attention into her appearance, she probably is good in bed, or at least has a pretty hot designer pussy, hopefully not one that she design, because based on her track record, what she thinks looks good actually looks scary.

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