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Rosie Jones Tits for Zoo UK of the Day

Rosie Jones is some UK Glamour model showing her tits for Zoo Uk, because I guess ZOO Uk is the only Glamour model website and magazine that still exists – and I figured I should give one of their starlets some love for showing her tits – because titty modelling is like a dying art form now that every girl is showing her tits for free or for fashion, there’s just no real purpose for average at best, too short to be an actual model, UK trash to get topless in cheesy shoots anymore – put for some it is all they fucking know…

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Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Tits of the Day

The world can never have too many Glamour models and thanks to the hormones in the food, and the non existent barrier of entry, and the low standards and requirements needed to become a Glamour model, there’s an endless supply of these girls…they are like a renewable resource that no matter how many years you live…your need or want of busty topless girls posing in magazines..or websites will be filled…and I guess there’s some level of comfort in that…isn’t there…maybe more so for people who were never breast fed as a child and who need tits or pics of tits to feel less anxious…a fetish far less creepy than paying girls to shit on you.

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Rosie Jones Page 3 Titties of the Day

Here is Glam model Rosie Jones in some archive titty pics that they probably shot a year ago and put in some folder on the desktop in the production department of the UK SUN, where they release three titty pics every day…only to be slotted as December 27…so this may or may not be what Rosie Jones looks like today, not that it matters since no one knows who Rosie Jones is, but they say its her, and here are her tits…

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Sara Jean Underwood, Rosie Jones in a Whipped Cream Sex Party of the Day

I didn’t bother watching this video…but I do know that it is some kind of celebration in irrelevant tits that have a fan base because they are tits but that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things because when your talent is having tits, especially ones you bought, you are easily replaced by other girls, younger and fresher with better tits…and this celebration has baked goods to celebrate…apparently…if you consider whipped cream baked goods….I call it….fame whores fame whoring..

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Rosie Jones and Sabine Jemeljanova Topless for Page 3 of the Day

Rosie Jones and Sabine Jemeljanova are topless models, who I guess are getting too famous for their own good, because their topless modelling is still topless, but more strategic and without nipples, like they were Angelina Jolie.

It is like the Safe For Work, candy-coated topless that isn’t even topless even though it is topless, that is normally reserved for girls who don’t get topless, but instead is being used with topless models who only exist from being topless.

The whole thing feels like a spit in the face, like when you friend a stripper, who refuses to strip for you when you’re hanging out, even though that is her job, acting like it is above her, even though she’s a fucking stripper…

Either way, whatever this is Page 3, it is a fail….

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Glamour Model Rosie Jones Topless at 18 of the Day

Rosie Jones is 23…so looking at “Leaked” or recently released throwback titty pics of her at 18, when she was officially allowed to finally show her tits in exchange for very low level fame and a possible soccer playing baby daddy retirement plan…and so much has changed…I mean look how she is built and poses the exact fucking same as she does now…because she’s a natural and it just comes easy to her? Maybe. But I’m thinking it has more to do with her job being a fucking joke and all it required was a good set of tits, something she’s got…now look at em..

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Glamour Models Take on i-D Magazine of the Day

This is pretty major for these UK Glamour models.

Girls who I always tease for not being actual models. You know just low hanging fruit that is built up to think it is hot, when really it only matters cuz it is topless.

Not that I have anything against girls who make it, or who are making money off their tits, in fact I love it.

I wish more average at best looking girls were broken enough to be doin it, because taking the traditional career route is just stupid, when you can get paid for your tits…

Historically all dudes want from you is to see your tits and lust after you, so use your vagina, it’s a far more marketable skill than a college degree.

That said, these Glamour Models are featured in some mainstream fashion site, topless, sure, that’s their move, but this is it…they can now say they are official models….and not some low grade shit…

Good times. Congrats.

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Rosie Jones Romantic Shoot for NUTS of the Day

Here is Glamour model Rosie Jones posing in a photoshoot for NUTS magazine that reminds me of some romance shit, like when a 50 year old woman decides to compete with the porn her husband has chosen over her, by hitting up a cheesy photo studio in the mall, with fabric draped off the walls, a photo school drop out with a camera, and a woman who has lost her spirit, but who keeps on trying….only this is the Glamour Model, equally sad story, but with her whole life ahead of her, and a marriage that will probably be with a soccer player and far more luxurious….

Here are them there titty pics, all romantic and shit, like a strip club lap dance room, the picture version.

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Rosie Jones Was Yesterday’s Page 3 Girl of the Day

Rosie Jones isn’t all that great, but she does one thing that is, and that’s posing topless, showing off her big natural tits, that I guess are worth celebrating, even if pig tits are everywhere thanks to the whole dairy industry hormones these girls all grew up on. I mean if they weren’t worth celebrating, why would she be making a career off them, cuz her success as a Glamour Model doesn’t step from her soft face, tall lean body and soft features…shit comes from her DDs….

These are some pics from yesterday’s page 3, to celebrate today’s death of Jesus, then resurrection of Jesus via hard boiled eggs and chocolate.

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