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Catherine Zeta Bikini

As women grow older, they turn from tight bodied little sluts that we all wanna get with, but
are too hot for the average guy into moms, that have thick bodies, drive mini-vans and jiggle in places they aren’t supposed to. As men grow older we get flabby, we get grey, we get wrinkled, we become dad’s, but there is always some fucked up young slut who’s father ran out on her when she was growing up and is drawn to an old guy to support her and knock her up. There’s a whole theory of men agining gracefully…I think girls are just drawn to old men because they are perverts, and you know what, that works for me, cuz the thought of fucking a 35 year old mom totally turns me off….maybe that’s how I became impotent, it’s self induced or someshit….anyway like my granny always said, maybe when I am 60….until then it’s all fresh tail for me. Oh and by the way, that baby has sucked on her tits and you never will. Just reminding you that you are a loser. G’night.

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