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I am – Draw Your Vagina and Describe it in 10 Words or Less of the Day


I am happy to announce that I have a female reader and that female reader submitted a Draw Your Vagina and Describe it in 10 Words or Less. Now, I am not going to pretend that this has been the best submission to date just because I am excited by it. I am not going to pretend that I think drawing a cat’s head in between your legs is really all that original or funny, but it’s like one of those situations where you want something so bad. Like that time the 300 pound retarded girl who happened to be having a birthday party at the bar you were at starts giving you the eye, or at least you think it’s the eye, really she’s just got some kind of disability, but she’s got to be pretty high functioning retard considering she’s out in a bar and her handler seems to be fucking wasted, making this experience that much easier to pull off, so you take her to the coat check room and show her what that thing between her legs is really for. I am going to stop writing now. Okay.


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