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I am – Lindsay Lohan Parties at LAX of the Day


Here are some pics of Lindsay Lohan partying at LAX a few days ago because she’s an alcoholic and a whore. She’s also last week’s kitchen garbage but that’s not the point, the point is that she’s the fucking star of the show, and by show I mean this website proven by Lohan Stalker Posts. She may not be that hot or interesting especially in these pics but as the star she deserves love in good times and bad…

Speaking of stars, the star of homeless man dance just started talking to me, because some 85 year old Jesus (the real jesus) lover started telling him that the lord is with him…after the 85 year old left, Homeless Man Dance, started chatting me up like I was someone he knew. He made no fucking sense, he said his IQ is 290 and after I decided to escape he said “peace to me”. While he was talking to me, I tried writing the insanity he said down, this is pretty much verbatim. So here it is…

I became a greaser, I know you’re a greaser because you like a red hubcap… I changed it to a greaser after a guy in the school yard….I am more of a custard guy, not a pudding guy.

I go to what it was, so what would it be, I got my violin, I got to when you were young looking…. i go that’s what happens…I stall, I go to unwind. I pass by, I go to the washroom, I go to Danny, I go to Gloria and Carol, and make sure they don’t move towards me….. I got to the thing that is telling me what it is. I go to karma, my arms are raised. I go to, it doesn’t feel like you’re acting when it came to me. I go to the two of them took me off them, I go to something of you and something of me, i go to my father. I go to the bookstore, I am a gunsmith and you’re an engraver. There’s nothing there, it’s me.

I go to the day I became a greaser, I go to Linda, I am thinking of my father and you phoned him and you could only see me….Then we go to what I did with deep sea fishing. I ensure there is something about us. Then I go to her….I changed it to a pink one. I go over to the superman thing, I go to whether I actually saw a steel ball.

Britney Spears is my girlfriend, and Gwen Stefani is your girlfriend. There I am going to say it for the first time Brook’s lost control. I am going to say it, Britney Spears is my girlfriend.

I am going to say it is my 38th year on the street and 58th year of life. They were all murdered from me. I’ll throw the trouble with money….

It’s a cowboy song, the indian song is better. It falls out his hand, he’s nervous…Here’s the speed story….something about the fishnet stockings….

The Bugs Crawled in the Bugs Crawled Out….All over his greasy snout.

This may not come across as funny as it was but at least it can act as a reminder of how lame DJ AM is even though he’s banging celebs and you aren’t….

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