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I am – Noelia the Puerto Rican Singer’s Sex Tape of the Day


I have no idea who this is and I assume she’s not that famous because Puerto Rico isn’t big enough to have celebrities, unless they come to America and dress like J.Lo, but I do know that she was in a Sex Tape and that this is that Sex Tape. The fucking quality of the sound makes me assume these fuckers are using some 1950’s video camera because they are all third world and shit, but she takes it in the ass and that’s really what dreams are made of.

The reality of the whole thing is that if you are a popstar anywhere, even if you’re from some middle of fucking no where russian town, you shouldn’t let your boyfriend film you fucking, it’s going to hit the internet. The dream may be that it launches you into international fame, but reality is that people like you just like seeing girls fuck and it doesn’t matter who they are or what they do. I can guarantee that none of you fucks are going out to buy her CDs after seeing this, but at least you got to see it.

I love that celebrity sex tapes don’t use condoms. I don’t think this bitch is a celebrity, but I do think that real celebs don’t wear condoms either, that’s why they all have herpes. I was sent a few porno movies a while ago and every fucking dude in them wore condoms, I guess it’s the law after that whole AIDS scare a few years ago, but I was raised on watching condomless sex, and I don’t think you should bang that random without a condom on, because STDs suck, but if you’re going to jerk off to some porn, why the hell would they throw in a tool that fucks up your hard ons in real life. That would be like throwing in a picture of your mom in the top right corner like they do for deaf people on Sesame Street saying shit like “Son, I know what you’re doing, stop that, your mother is watching”.

Either way – Here’s the video – It’s NSFW – It’s from Rapidshare – It’s a RAR File – I don’t Know How To Convert/Upload – If you can do it, send it my way, thanks….

You can stream it here

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  • hbhs

    you are one dumb american. puerto rico produces media that goes around the world, and the video was done with a camera phone. you’d know that if you travelled outside the sticks, white pansy.

  • tonios

    I can’t stand people like you who talk a lot of crap without knowing anything about anything. If your going to insult anything group of people or a nation 1st do a little home work…learn history. And one more thing don’t post anymore of your opinions, your too stupid for anyone to really care about what you have to say.

  • Hugo Fitch

    You’re right. Never heard of her.

  • Tongueboy

    Puerto Rico. Never heard of her…but clearly after reviewing some of the comments above I see that there is a HUGE vacancy in the teaching of english reading and writing. “Da Boss” only spelled 18 out of 33 words correctly. a little over 50%. That’s pathetic. I hope “Da Boss” is not a typical representation of a Puerto Rican because it displays tremendous lack of education. Back to special ed for you “Da Boss”

  • american

    lmao half of you need to spell first

  • I am from Puerto Rico, and frankly I don’t give a shit about Noelia, or what (or who) she does…

    But what I do care for is that your ignorance is being spread all over the internet; insulting a country, mine or anyone else is in turn highly detrimental to your own.

    Stick to what you came to do, comment on a woman taking in it in the ass, and leave the country bashing out of it.

    Was my English clear enough to be comprehended?

  • PuertoRico#1

    Wow, so here is another dumb american fuckface speaking what he knows not. God why do they think they’re the last friggin’ coke in the desert, I mean, come on, seriously… come on! This is a pretty important place shitface! Maybe if you were just a little more intelligent, maybe, and again, MAYBE you could do some research before you go on talkin’ shit about MY country. And you can all shove your ”you’re uneducated” bullshit up your wide asses, it makes you look like donkeys criticizing ears. Puerto Rico la ley cabrones!!!

  • Borinquen Bella

    These comments are not surprising at all, in fact they are so typical and expected. You Americans think you’re the top of the food chain, its getting tiresome really. How many of you write and speak two languages fluently? 4 percent maybe? As of right now, in Puerto Rico, about 30 percent of us speak and write fluent spanish and english. You should get out of the states and travel to see what the rest of the world thinks of the great U. S. of A. Dumbasses. It is oyour inmense ignorance that is making your country sink.

  • joe

    lawl you guys realize puerto rico isn’t a country right? it’s a territory OF the U S of A. but thanks for being educated, for real, because it’s important to success, so keep working hard so when america falls you can rise as a world power

  • Blue eyed devil

    Whoa, Calm down my Puerto Rican neighbors…. Just cause one yahoo sits behind his computer in his mom’s basement surfing with one hand and bashing a country doesn’t mean we all hate you. I am as white as a ghost and I probably have more 100 percent Puerto Rican friends than all of you put together.

    So don’t take one idiot’s opinion and assume that all of us white folk hate you. It is actually quite the opposite. Can’t say the same about the africans, but I can and do say “Viva Puerto Rico”

    ESPECIALLY about the Puerto Rican ladies! You lucky, lucky bastards.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Proud Nuyorican

    I don’t think all of you whites hate people that aren’t white, but I wholeheartedly agree with Boriquen Bella. We are going to sink as a country and mainly because of our ignorance. I think all of us in the U.S. (blacks, hispanics, asians, whites, indians, native americans, etc…) need to wake up and take a stand against ignorance when it comes to race. And to all my fellow Puertoricans, don’t fret about other people’s views toward us as long as they know we’re here to stay, it doesn’t matter what they say. íViva Puerto Rico por siempre!

  • fuck u all americans

    fuck everyone in your family and fuck u someday a puertorrican will punch your face and your regret it tu eres un gringo mamabicho no jodas kon nosotros kabron me kago en los ovarios de tu may

  • America

    Puerto Ricans can’t even talk Spanish correctly. They like to replace R for L dunces!!! Learn from the Mexicans how to pronounce!!!!!! Puerto Rico that little shit island you call home is an American TERRITORY and don’t you forget it you bunch HALF BREEDS!!!!

  • alex

    Man, you Americans crack me up. You guys need to insult other people to feel good about yourselves?… you guys aren’t good at anything and you’re talking about other countries?… without Puerto Rico you wouldn’t be the United States, first of all. Second, the people in PR are not as good as you…. they’re 10x better you fucking idiots. And there’s more heart and talent in this “little shit island” than in all your motherfucking territories! so suck on this, bitch!! and try to inform yourselves before talking about things you don’t know shit about, you cocksuckers.

    by the way, “America”: you forgot your commas in the comment. You’re talking about how we don’t know how to speak spanish, and you don’t know shit about your fucking language.

  • Uncle Sam

    I didn’t know that PR played such a big part on the independence of my country, and at no point have I ever needed you to save my hide. I don’t know what they are teaching you people in PR. I believe the way it goes is that PR would not be there if it was not for U.S.A. or the Monroe Doctrine. PR would be some God forsaken shit hole of Fidel Castro or the Russians. So choose your words carefully you freeloading non tax paying kinky haired bastards. And please do remember that I, the U.S.A still owns YOU!!!!!!!

  • Añasqueño Pullú

    I’m from Puerto Rico and I must say you are an ignorant piece of shit. We don’t pay taxes? Hahahahahaha! Uncle Sam fucks us right in the ass, as much as, or even more than you so called American fuck heads. To the ignorant shit head the said to learn from Mexicans to speak Spanish; shut the fuck up. Mexico is the worst Spanish speaking country in Latin America. And even so, that doesn’t make them better or worse than us. And you dare call us half breeds? What is an American if not a fucking Half Breed. Dude you are a joke. At least we know where we came from dick head. Anyway, you people are just jealous that you can’t have some Puertorican pussy. Stick with your lifeless anorexic shit, you fags.

  • American Idiot

    The comments here are really scary – ignorance is shown on both sides.

    This will be our undoing – american ignorance and exclusion of multiple ethnicities based on antiquated conceptions of race. Although we have become far removed from the source throughout time, if you do some homework, you’ll find that we are actually all Africans, with nationalities that only vary due to our relative postion in the diaspora.

    When we talk about whole countries – from San Marino to PR to Haiti and beyond – generalizing is NSFW or even just playing. The problem is not with our the country or even the government itself as some in 2009’s health care debate and otherwise insist. It is instead the attitude of the people that is so damaging to our economy (offshore relocation of jobs, and exploitation of foreign workforces), and our national character (the unilateral American bully pulpit).

    In general, because many of us are middle class or higher here in the US, and mostly concerned with ourselves, we have a sense of entitlement and somehow feel justified in looking down on other countries. PR is a US protectorate, cannot vote, but pays taxes and adds to our country’s economy in addition to the bounty of our kitchens, musical scenes, social perspective and overall cultural landscape. To criticize yet another former colony that enjoys a love hate relationship with America, belies your ignorance of the reasons for that problematic relationship.

    Not everyone who does not like the actions of the US is a terrorist – they may just have good reason to criticize governmental policies, which you might know if you cared to find out what those policies were and then placed yourself in the shoes of a less powerful modern-day colony. You might not like what you feel either, but at least you could fall back on the crutch of being an overweight, spoiled American ‘Idiot’.

    You probably look down on New Orleans residents for not breaking the cycle of poverty, not petitioning the US government to strenthen their failing levies, or perhaps even praise it for throwing off the yoke of French and Spanish ownership and ending up instead under the American ‘umbrella’.

    The fact is that we are a former colony too – in case you forgot – and love excercising what is now largely our *perceived* economic might, via the military machine that the Spanish American and successive wars in latin America, Europe and elsewhere built.

    Having said that, we come from a tradition of colonizing, expatriating large portions of other nations for labor in the past (slavery) and exporting American jobs to less developed countries in order to serve our economic/political interests via exploiting their lack of systemic autonomy.

    Dependency on the more developed nations (the former colonial powers of Europe and the former colony of America) is what the ignorance of the American idiot holds dear, by clinging to guns of war and the religion of unilateral diplomacy.

    For simple people, those who like to think inside the box and for whom venturing outside of it is scary, NOLA is only good for Hurricanes (the drink), Mardi Gras flashers and Bayou Classic band shows. I apologize if you only knew about the naked girls going wild – don’t mean to scare you with facts.

    @Blue eyed devil:

    You may not even know your own history – as a fan of Mexican Spanish – what is the deal with your selective thinking: ‘except the Africans’ ? If you knew *anything* about Spanish, you’d know that Latin America as a whole, or even your own back yard, you’d know that Spanish – even in Spain – differs as much as English does from the West Coast to the South, the Midwest to the Northeast, etc.

    @ others not worth naming:
    Many Americans visit Mexico and thenceforth think anyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican. As a Latino, I don’t find that offensive, but I do prefer you stay in your cave and not confuse yourself by excercising your right to vote. Sounds like your education hasn’t impoved much since 5th grade.

    I’ve seen self-righteous indignation in my own family through my stepfather, who since he doesn’t speak spanish, one day declared a non-english recent Cuban immigrant as ‘not that bright’ because *he* couldn’t understand the guy. Having grown up in CA, I know something about celebration/integration versus tolerance and exclusion.

    Though in general I do not prefer the sound of some of the dialects of Mexico, I would not be honest with myself if I said those dialects were inferior. They are simply different, having developed in the context of the region specific influences from whence they sprung.

    You really should stop using Wiki to support your ‘opinions’. Start reading books not published exclusively by companies with Heritage in the name, or simply avoid NewsCorp altogether.

    If you must wiki or google something, please place the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo at the top of your list. I think you will be unpleasantly surprised about the role of Spanish in the US, your perceived superiority – linguistically and culturally – and if you can think that far, the context of cultural isolation and vacuousness from which you preach and disseminate your self-hate filled and ignorant *half-cocked* micro theories on the realities that exist in the 21st century. Just because you say it does not make it so.

    So take the teabag out of your sinus cavity long enough for some knowledge to take the place of the cream filling you have been passing off as grey matter (a brain).

    Oh, and some latinos and other kinky haired (something I actually don’t know much about) Americans even speak 3 or 4 languages, despite being born here – Saludos desde la esquina rica americana del sur de los estados unidos – MIA baby!

    The fact is that history shows that thinkers of questionable caliber will find something wrong with everyone except themselves in order to fortify their false sense of pride that is built on ‘gimme gimme’ versus ‘…asking what they can do for their country…’

    Talk about cultural welfare and intellectual deficit disorder!

    what have you done with your life?

  • This is the kind of stuff I love, keep em coming

  • luv1prwoman

    Ignorance. That’s all i can say. We are only different. The only woman i have ever been “in love” with is Puerto Rican. Of course i was too much of a coward to tell her how i felt. In the end does race really matter? In 3 or 4 generations no one will remember who we are. Not even our family members. Come on people, think. There are children in this world who are going to bed so hungry they are in pain. Yet, we are getting pissed off because of one ignorant person.

    A Gringo

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