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I am – Megan Fox is Hot Shit of the Day

Megan Fox Cosmo Party

I went and saw Transformers for the afternoon show the other day, and was introduced to Megan Fox. I’m not sure where she came from, but she’s my new favourite actress and not because of her acting skills. I can’t really comment on her acting because I’m not a fucking acting coach and I’m and 18 year old girl and pretty much believe anything anyone tells me anyways. She’s doesn’t have implants yet, she’s doesn’t have the body of a skeleton, and she doesn’t have stupid vanilla blonde stripes that look like somebody peed bleach on her hair. She’s my kind of gal. Jesus doesn’t think shes that hott, but he’s a fatass who is way to critical of other people. I still love him tho.

I forgot to set my alarm last night didn’t wake up until 9 (I wanted to get up at 8). I’ve been seeing this guy on and off and we got into a huge argument because he thinks I’m a nice girl, but I have a heart that’s made of ice and I don’t really deny that because all my life I’ve had people and guys walk the fuck all over me while I just stood there and took it and now I’m at the point where the only person in the world I rely on is myself, and maybe Jesus if I need advice on how to hot wire a car.

I know of the 7 people reading this right now, 1 is a women, 2 are loser virgins who live at home with their mom. The other 4 fall into 2 catagories, the first being guys who don’t give a fuck about anybody but themselves, and will pretty much feel that way until they realize they are gonna die old and alone. The last category , the one where the guy I’m talking about sits, is good looking guys with money who believe in love in romance and want you to give your heart to them or some bullshit, and when you don’t treat you like shit because of it. Dating sucks and I hate you all.

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