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I am – Kimberly Stewart’s Skirt Fights the Wind of the Day

Kimberly Stewart

I used to hate Kimberly Stewart, but as I thought about her more I realized she’s not so bad. Yeah, she is just another Hollywood socialite, but she accepts that. I never see her going to “acting� classes, or here about her putting out her new album, or going to work with AIDS babies in Africa, or becoming a “designer� and starting some bullshit clothing line she plans to sell for way more then it’s worth, cause we all know she’s really not a designer.

Kimberly Stewart accepts that her father is a rich old bastard, and that she just gets to run around shopping and going to night clubs, and be a famous idiot while the rest of us work all day and hate our lives. I know she modeled for a bit, but I mean that doesn’t count because you just get to be pretty and sit there. She knows she’s pretty much useless, but doesn’t try to be something she’s not and in a round about way, that shows her confidence just to be herself and be comfortable with it. I respect that.

There’s a lot to be said for confidence. I was out of town with my ex-boyfriend not long ago, and was hanging out at this bar when this midget came up to me and started running all this game and trying to take me home. He was short obviously, but pretty cute. When it came down to it. The thing that amazed me out of all of this was this dude had more confidence and skill with ladies then almost any other guy I have met, and he was a fucking midget for god sakes.

He was so comfortable and accepting of the fact that he was what he was, that after talking to him for 5 minutes, I almost forgot my initial thought path of wanting to see him wrestle in a ring. If I hadn’t have been with boy friend that night, I prolly would have gone home with him. What can I say? I would have liked to fuck a midget.

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