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I am – Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures of the Day


Here are some pictures of Hilary Swank in a white bikini, because I love white bikinis. Girls don’t cry and please never realize that they are see through and that we can see your total vagina when you wear them, because you’re too busy making sure that they don’t show nipple through. It’s like the inventor of the white bikini knew just how to distract a girl enough to not realize we all see your baby maker.

Hilary Swank may not be one of those pretty girls you see on the street, she may look rough and rugged and a bit like a dude who doesn’t cry, but reality is that she hasn’t got shit on the cougar I met last night. I was out with a couple of people getting drunk it’s what I do and one of the guys I was with was called over by a cougar sitting a lone. I never witnessed a cougar in her natural habitat, I only experienced it through second hand stories, but she just waved over to him to come sit with her and he went. She was chatting him up, probably talking about when she was in her 20s back in the 80s, maybe about her daughter who was his age, probably about how she had breast cancer and the scare made her leave her family and re-live her youth…I was just sitting across the way running dialog in my head of what she was saying, but then I realized that she was a hooker, with clear heeled hooker looking boots and bright red hooker looking hair and rough beat down face that only years of being a hooker can do or you….

Anyway, dude sat with her for a while before realizing it and when he did he didn’t cry but he was mad about the time he wasted talking to her and took her to the back alley and punished her face with his dick for misleading him…at least that what he said he did, but I am pretty sure dude’s a lot like you can the only punishing he can do is to himself because no one else gives him the time of day….even when he pays them….

I am just still drinking because it’s fucking labor day asshole…so bear with me if my posts don’t make any sense at all…

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