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Shauna Sand and Her New Purse Carrier of the Day

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Shauna Sand Sex Tape but she’s got a pretty scary pussy, one you probably wouldn’t put in a white bikini, unless you had some duct tape, or really any moisture barrier, but Shauna Sand, doesn’t really give a fuck what people think, proven by her bottom feeding sex tape making, and well pretty much everything else about her that makes me think she was abused as a kid. From fake tits, to fake hair and fake lips in stripper shoes all for male attention to fill some void….and the real sad thing in all this is that she replaced her last homosexual boy toy with some new homosexual boy toy, who I guess has more skills at carrying her purse…

Either way, this should be illegal.

Pics via Bauer

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Courtney Cox is Almost Too Old for a White Bikini of the Day

I was having a debate with myself last night, because no one else was around to talk to , and even the people who were around like the bartender were more interested in tryin to get me to leave their bar, than talking to me about whether a bitch is ever too old to wear a bikini, especially a white one that when wet turns see thru….

The rational side of me that knows older women aren’t hot to look at naked and would rather not see an older chick naked, but the man in me, who makes an appearance sometimes, can’t help but think no matter what age a girl is, whether 16 or 90, she should be out there half naked every chance she gets. Not only does it make for more interesting scenery, but it also makes for easier public masturbation, because when there’s no hot young pussy on the beach because they are all in school or some shit, you’d rather have decent older pussy, or even disgusting older pussy in a bikini, than nothing. It makes your trip worthwhile.

So in conclusion, I have decided that you are never too old to wear a white bikini or any bikini for that matter, no matter how sloppy your ass is, no matter how plump your gunt is, no matter how saggy your tits is, because sometimes it’s better than nothing, most of the time it is pretty entertaining…..and in Courtney Cox’s case, a lot more entertaining than her career.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Victoria Silvstedt in her White Bikini of the Day

I hate this useless whore of a woman and everything she does. I don’t know how I can post more bikini pictures of her because they all kinda spill into each other and are exactly the fucking same, except when she’s whoring herself for her greek shipping billionaire who she wallet fucks because the world has no room for a 40 year old fake titty Swedish girl anymore, well at least not this played out 40 year old fake titty Swedish girl, because Swedish girls are supposed to naturally have big tits, and maybe that’s where her insecurity all started back when she lost Miss Sweden pageant to a real Swedish girl, and she had to rush to the plastic surgeon to make good and I guess who really cares….

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Shauna Sand is in Her White Bikini of the Day

I don’t know whether this is good news or bad news, but if you like these pictures of Shauna Sand and her dirty fucking pussy and dirty fucking titties and dirty fucking ass rubbing lotion on some poor motherfucker, you can make that shit your own reality because she charges by the hour and her fee is pretty fucking affordable, because the more she looks like death, the harder time she’s having finding clients and blaming the economin crisis isn’t goin to pay the fuckin’ rent, if you know what I mean.

I am just hoping she’s wearing some kind of waterproof pantyliner, or maybe some duct tape to close that gaping flesh wound, because I’d hate to see the sludge from her pussy ruin a perfectly good bikini.

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Nadal’s Girlfriend Named Xisca Rocks a White Bikini of the Day

Nadal just won Wimbeldon, that probably means he made a lot of money for a week’s work and here he is relaxing with his Spanish girlfriend named Xisca, something you probably can’t pronounce because it’s too foreign to you. The truth is that landing hot pussy when you’re this dude is probably not all that challenging, and instead of looking at him in envy, like you’re some kind of loser, you should take a moment to give the heroes in your life some credit for the shit they’ve accomplished.

The most recent hero in my life is my neighbor. No, he didn’t kill my wife. He did however fuck the system and hasn’t had electiricity for the last 6 months because dude’s a fucking hurtbag. Tonight, I walked in only to find an extension cord running form the hallway outlet and despite it taking him 6 months to figure out, I thought it was a good fucking strategy to save a couple of dollars. The real impressing thing in all this is that he still manages to bring home hot fuckin’ pussy when he’s wasted and despite walking into a pitch black shit hole of an apartment, they still end up fucking him. I guess they feel like they are camping or have that help a guy while he’s down mentality that every girl I’ve ever slept with also had, but the point of all this is to say that if you’re fucking broke and still getting laid, you’re someone who deserves more love than some light on his feet tennis player.

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I am – Pamela Anderson in a Bikini in Malibu of the Day


I guess Pam Anderson doesn’t realize that her prime ended when Baywatch was still on the air and ever since then it’s been this downward spiral of fake tit removal, fake tit replacement and a haggard old catcher’s mitt of a face that reminds me of the lady who works at the Salvation Army where I buy all my used panties for my used panty collection. I am weird like that.

Pam Anderson can’t seem to get herself out of a fucking bikini. Every week there are new pictures of her half naked and although half naked is good, I find this shit desperation like a Britney Spears comeback performance. At first I just thought she went insane and got a bikini grafted onto her because it is such a part of who she is, but then I realized that that was a stupid thought and that she is just like the local stripper, who was the star performer ten years ago, you know the one who everyone wanted the lap dance from and you’d never get a chance to touch her tits because she was always in the back working, who now still works the same club, holding onto a dream, remembering the good years while chain smoking at the bar hoping that someone will either remember her and take her for a dance the sake of a fantasy they never lived out, or that all the other girls get taken in the back and she’s the last man standing. She knows she’d be better off working as a receptionist or at the cosmetics counter of the Pharmacy but stripping is all she knows.

Here are some Pam Anderson bikini ass pics for you to live out the fantasy from the past when she was actual relevant, hot and wanted by all. Before she had two washed up losers fighting over her. Around the time of the sex tape, but all things aside, she has an amazing ass and I’d still do her, her big tits and her hepatitis ridden vagina.

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I am – Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures of the Day


Here are some pictures of Hilary Swank in a white bikini, because I love white bikinis. Girls don’t cry and please never realize that they are see through and that we can see your total vagina when you wear them, because you’re too busy making sure that they don’t show nipple through. It’s like the inventor of the white bikini knew just how to distract a girl enough to not realize we all see your baby maker.

Hilary Swank may not be one of those pretty girls you see on the street, she may look rough and rugged and a bit like a dude who doesn’t cry, but reality is that she hasn’t got shit on the cougar I met last night. I was out with a couple of people getting drunk it’s what I do and one of the guys I was with was called over by a cougar sitting a lone. I never witnessed a cougar in her natural habitat, I only experienced it through second hand stories, but she just waved over to him to come sit with her and he went. She was chatting him up, probably talking about when she was in her 20s back in the 80s, maybe about her daughter who was his age, probably about how she had breast cancer and the scare made her leave her family and re-live her youth…I was just sitting across the way running dialog in my head of what she was saying, but then I realized that she was a hooker, with clear heeled hooker looking boots and bright red hooker looking hair and rough beat down face that only years of being a hooker can do or you….

Anyway, dude sat with her for a while before realizing it and when he did he didn’t cry but he was mad about the time he wasted talking to her and took her to the back alley and punished her face with his dick for misleading him…at least that what he said he did, but I am pretty sure dude’s a lot like you can the only punishing he can do is to himself because no one else gives him the time of day….even when he pays them….

I am just still drinking because it’s fucking labor day asshole…so bear with me if my posts don’t make any sense at all…

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