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I am – Kate Moss Topless Bikini Pics of the Day


I love Kate Moss. I didn’t always love Kate Moss because there was a point in her career where she looked like a tall, lanky boy. But as she got older and she got hotter and grew some tits, but she seems to have lost those tits and she is looking haggard, but anyone who can dive as graceful as her is worth a round.

She’s living the dream, with all her cocaine and her cool ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty’s drug addiction and her wallet still full of money for just looking pretty 10 years ago to some faggots who designed clothing and her constant toplessness that I am a fan of, because any girl who gets naked casually even if she’s a little washed up is worth lookin at. I had this fantasy of making it big and having topless hot tub parties with chicks that were probably a lot more haggard than Kate Moss, but that’s just because the only girls willing to get naked for me are the girls that no one else in the world wants, but it doesn’t matter to me because I have no standards, so one mans trash is my insecure, easy to manipulate to get naked treasure….and it’s still a lot better than anything you’re getting….

Either way, look at these Kate Moss pics because small tits are hotter than nipples that point to the ground…and white bikinis are hotter than any other color bikini because everyday girls wear them without realizing how see-through they are….pervert..

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