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I am – Mena Suvari's Lesbian Tattoo of the Day


I was trying to deny that Mena Suvari was a dyke, not because I think she’s hot and want to give her my cock, but because I don’t think lesbian haircuts mean lesbianism, but that was before I saw her tattoo of a lion, because once a bitch gets a king of the jungle cat tattooed on her you know she’s pretty much coming out of the closet, because everyone knows that cats represent cunt and lion’s represent “Super” cunt . True story.

Ok, so I am not good at telling jokes, maybe you should just go back to watching porn and I should go back to eating because I realize that writing this shit bites into valuable eating time and I also realized that when you watch porn, you’re actually getting off to the dick. Homo.

These pictures are of Mena Suvari at the Toronto Film Fest premiere of some movie called “Stuck”.

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