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I am – Hilary Duff on Set of Greta of the Day


I originally planned on posting these pictures because they show off how hard Hilary Duff’s working life is, you know having to run around like an asshole and crawl on the ground after wrestling a bitch for her bag like she was a 10 year old kid in the park fighting over a chocolate bar, which is probably where this fat ass got her inspiration from, because her ugly sister used to emotionally eat all the chocolate in the house when they were growing up and before developing an eating disorder, because food heals a broken soul who is jealous of her sister’s success….and Hilary sometimes just wanted a Milky Way baby.

But then I checked my email and the paparazzi are after me for the last set of Hilary Duff I posted, so I decided to let them know that I am like Gangster like T.I. and don’t give a fuck cuz I found this shit on a message board.

Hilary Duff Nipples and Stupid Tights of the Day

You are posting these images of Hilary Duff illegally.
We hold the copyright and you have not obtained a license to use this photo.
Please remove all Splash images immediately or legal action will follow.
If you would like to discuss rates and feature splash material legally please contact me at 310 821 2666 ext 117.
Cheers Griff

333 W. Washington Boulevard, Suite 508
Marina del Rey – CA 90292 – USA
Tel 001 310 821 2666 – Fax 001 310 396 5152

Andrew Griffiths
Splash News Sales

I am offended that they didn’t open up with this email with some greeting. I replied telling them I have no money and can’t pay them and would like them to pay me for the damages all their harassment is causing me emotionally. Either way, here are the Hilary Duff getting paid to play in some Oscar worthy performance that will be overlooked because the movie’s going straight to fucking video and if it’s not, it should. Cuddles.

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