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I am – Kat Von D’s Hairless Vagina Side Shot of the Day


Today is an exciting day, because I found out that I have a reader and that reader comes to the site everyday and thinks that the site is worthy of being a daily read. I am pretty surprised that anyone who comes to this site actually knows how to read, I was convinced that everyone coming in was either . Either way, he sent in a side shot of Kat Von D’s tattooed pussy. You can’t really seen anything incriminating, like her dick but it’s a good enough view for you to jerk off to if you have a thing for inked up bitches.

I don’t know why but I find tattoos lame. I think they were cool on rockstars and bikers back in the day, but then frat boys who liked rockstars and bikers and action sports started getting full sleeves and now all these emo kids are getting full body shit done and I find the shit obnoxious, trying to be different when really being the same. So I am a lot more into a nice non-tattooed girl with some nice soft skin than some rough and beat up lookin’ slut from the gutter, but the funniest thing about the whole thing though is that the girl who looks like she’s from the gutter, usually has a lot more class than the pretty little non-tattooed girl who needs constant reaffirmation that she’s pretty by taking dick. Not your dick. But dick.

Either way, here’s that Miami Ink bitch Kat Von D’s side shot of her snatch because she’s hot and you’d like to tattoo her with your cum. Sick-o.

Here’s the Youtube Video:of Her Getting Her Done:

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