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I am – Heidi Montag in the Same Pink Bikini of the Day


I thought these bitches were rich girls before The Hills and Laguna Beach started paying them, I guess no matter how much money you have, if you find a bikini you like, you rock that shit daily, because Heidi Montag’s already been seen showing off her fake tits in this bikini weeks ago. I wear the same thing everyday, because I only own a couple of t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans, but I am poor, so when people who see me regularly give me dirty looks because of the smell of these fucking things, I don’t fully blame them. Sometimes when I am sitting at the computer and can smell my own ass, I give myself dirty looks and wish that I wasn’t too lazy to wash them or that I was rich enough to replace them, but let’s face it, when money comes my way, I have a responsibility to myself to spend it on booze.

There was a time that I used to hang with drug addicted hookers, I call those years “The Good Life” like I was Kanye West, but less black. Between the group of them they only owned 2 pairs of underwear each, so if they were seeing the same client for a renewal, they’d switch underwear with one of the other girls. They wouldn’t even think about how fucking disgusting that was, or consider the shit they could get from doing that, but when you fuck multiple men a day for money in back alleys, I guess you don’t really care about what the fuck happens to your vagina. In reality, I thought the whole thing was nice to see, because it meant that they were still girls and still vain and cared about being sexy and not judged by the guys even though their faces were falling off and they smelled like shit.

Either way, here is Heidi Montag in the same bikini as last time, making stupid faces to distract you from her naturally stupid looking face.

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