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I am – Lucy Lawless Dressed Like a Dude of the Day


I decided to post these because I always thought bitch was a dyke and I know you used to get off to her broad shoulders, so it’s always funny when the girl you used to jerk off to while watching her on the warrior princess show and reading your comics has decided to go through with the sex change because she was born a man on the inside, like Jamie Lee Curtis. Wearing a man’s shirt and tie is just phase one of letting the world know that it’s coming.

Speaking of cumming, I used to date a hermaphrodite or at least a girl who jokingly told me she was a hermaphrodite over and over again, until I started believing she was opening up to me, and tried to play it off as a joke to gauge my reaction. She had all her lady parts in place and looked like a thin, relatively sexy girl with big natural tits and an ass you could bounce your dick off, but it turned out that ass you could bounce your dick off was packing a dick. Because when she was a baby they found testicles and a prostate in her ass. I never asked if they were removed, I just kept trying to forget that she ever told me shit and tried to believe it was a joke because every time I’d freak out about it, she’d convince me it was a lie, but still every time i’d fuck her normal, functioning vagina, I’d get uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to not bust all over her. Maybe she wasn’t really a hermaphrodite and she was too hot to not fuck and maybe she was just a girl who was fucking with my head 6 months into me slamming her, but in my mind I banged a hermaphrodite and that makes me as weird as you. Cuddles.

Either way, I only like lipstick lesbians and hot chicks experimenting with lesbianism. Bull dykes are just too damaged from being raped or molested or from being fat and ugly that they’ve denounced men and our superficiality. I’d rather put the bull dykes in their flannel and leather and denim and construction boots and strap-on’s with their lesbian haircuts on their motorcycles so that they can ride into the sunset, as fucking far away from me as possible.

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  • Uh…Lucy Lawless has been married since she was 19 and thats her daughter she’s holding hands with!