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I am – Julia Allison Isn’t That Famous but in Lingerie of the Day


So her name is Julia Allison and she is some kind of freelance writer or journalist and has been or is on Fox News. I’ve never heard of her, but that’s not saying much, because I don’t read or watch TV, but you probably haven’t heard of her either.

The reason I am posting these pictures of her in her lingerie is because someone emailed me saying she’s dating one of the founders of CollegeHumor. You probably know CollegeHumor as one of the lamest link-dump sites out there, because it is designed for stupid sluts and the frat boys who gangbang them, and for some reason they got fucking huge and all they were doing was linking the lamest fucking content on the internet days after that shit hit the internet. I am guessing their Frat Boy audience was too fucking stupid to learn the names of other sites or maybe it’s because these geeks who created it were up on this shit in the beginning of the internet. So after a few years of running shit, these 4 college losers sold half of their business for something like 30,000,000 dollars to interactive corp, who own shit like ASK.com, Ticketmaster, match.com and a whole lot of other shit.

So now, four cheesy fucking dudes with lame jokes and ironic t-shirts that other cheesy fucking dudes rock, are worth a lot of fucking money, and maybe they stayed cooped up in their dorm rooms jerking off to the pictures sluts sent them for the site, but now they are “BAWLLLIN” and bitches like this Julia Allison are letting them inside their vaginas, probably unprotected, because of it.

Point of this is to say that if you can turn your loser ways into something profitable, there is no way decent to hot pussy is running after the CollegeHumor dudes because they are cool shit, it’s because they have money and girls like fucking money. So if you have money, you will get all the fucking pussy you want so you should stop reading this site and start doing something that involves the obscure porn you chronically jerk off to, videogames, and having no friends.

For the record, CollegeHumor has linked this site, but stopped a long time ago and I hate them for it, they are dead to me, but their girlfriends aren’t because the number one revenge you can have on a motherfucker is by fucking his girlfriend and since I never leave my house and smell like shit, this is as close as I’ll get to her junk

Here are those pics of her simulating wallet fucking some old dude in her lingerie, if you’re wondering why she’s drinking, it’s so that she can live with herself after she sucks him off and blame it on being drunk I guess it’s true that sometimes art imitates life, not that this shit is art, but you know what I’m saying, it’s not that complicated. Cuddles

Visit Her Website, Write Her an Email, Hire Her To Host Your “TV” Show…

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