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Tara Reid Never Looked So Good of the Day

These are some pictures of Tara Reid from this past weekend, I think it’s safe to say that she’s drunk and lookin’ her age as her face slowly falls off her face as fast as the cocaine got sucked up her nose off the club’s toilet seat for the last 10 years.

I know when I am drunk I don’t really look my best, actually in my mind I do but when the pictures surface and I’ve sobered up a bit, I realize that I actually look like a greasy rapist on some kind of rapist mission to creep out every single girl I cross paths with.

Either way, she reminds me of some kind of office Christmas party gone wrong , which is fine when it is your office Christmas party and it only goes down once a year and she’s the receptionist you’ve wanted to shove your dick inside the last 9 months she’s been working there, but it isn’t a very good look to be hustling every fuckin’ weekend when you’re old enough to be a soccer mom. At one time she was the all american poster girl for College Spring Break parties and now she’s working on being the poster girl for why you gotta stop partying so hard after college because it will rape you harder than the frat boy did that night he took you on a date and slipped roofies in your drink…you can’t hate him though…at least he took you out for pizza and a movie first.

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  • Ra

    A steady diet of Gin and Jizz will to ya.

  • Yeah she drinks so much beer and look how much make-up she wears. Without the make-up she is as hot as my big toe.

  • Eg

    …You mean Hillary Clinton never looked so good, right?


  • uncle joe mccarthy

    we all gotta hit the wall…but that is goddamn rediculous

  • Cunty Cuntall

    If she still breathing and got a pulse then I’d still hit her. She’s still worthy of my My Man-Seed. In fact I’ve just given her my load cyber-load.