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Dakota Fanning is a Disaster of the Day

I dig Dakota Fanning….Not in a sexual way…but because she represents real life better than most celebrities…see when she was 6 and acted like she was 40, everyone would laugh and were convinced she’d grow up to be cute and interesting and to be the next top tier Hollywood Actress, but instead, despite what everyone wanted and expected, she turned out to grow up ugly like so many other cute young kids, only in her case it’s so much funnier because the public actually had high hopes for her, when other cute kids gone ugly only let down their parents….so as she looks like shit and enters her adult life that will be polluted with self-hatred, depression, disappointment and constant reminders the she peaked at 8 years old to lead her to drug addiction something that is always fun to watch….except for the parents who feel guilty for doing this to their kids and turning their kids into products for their personal gain….

Here she is lookin like shit.

Pics via Fame

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Tila Tequila is a Disaster of the Day

I don’t care that Casey Affleck Johnson died. I didn’t know her and if I did know her she looked like one of those snobby cunts who wouldn’t have bothered being polite to me. She probably wouldn’t let me drink off her bottle at the club but would instead treat me like so many rich girls treated me when I worked at the Pharmacy, where they’d come up and ask me for enema’s, yeast infection creams, pussy odor sprays and all the other humiliating shit you know they wouldn’t have asked a guy they wanted to fuck or who they’d think would be in their circle of life.

So I don’t really have any sympathy for these disaster rich kids who could have done anything but decided kill themselves with addiction instead all while embarrassing their families who offered them the world, out of some sick resentment they have for being born into luxury….idiots….

I definitely don’t give a fuck about Tila Tequila. I’ve had twitter fights with her, I’ve met her in person, I’ve followed her 4 year scam unintentionally but this is really rock bottom. She’s totally unstable, her blog and twitter are fucking more insane than they’ve been the last two months, Hollywood ate her up, threw her up and shat her out and now she’s hanging the fuck on by milking the death of a girl who jokingly said was “her fiance” for publicity cuz both these whores are hoooked on publicity…..

They’ve turned this death into a very cheap, childish, boring, disgusting drama that I am pretty sure will officially bury Tila’s career with Casey’s corpse and maybe Casey was just the sacrifice we needed to eliminate Tila…some kind of Martyr we need to immortalize in statue and I’m glad its all almost over…

I was watching this video of Tila Tequila and reading her Blog posts was left pretty disgusted, her “fiance” or wife who she refers to a “Casey Nguyen” and says shit like “I’ve never lost a fiance before….the whole thing is beyond weird…but with weirdness comes drug use and with drug use comes overdoses so fingers are crossed that the end of Tila is coming one way or another….here are the pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

Here’s the video…

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Aubrey O’Day is a Disaster of the Day

Aubrey O’Day reminds me of using too much E or at least her career does. One minute, she’s flying high on her reality show, in a band then the next she’s kicked the fuck off the show and out of the band, for being an attention whore slut that draws negative attention to Diddy, making her doomed to a life of fake tits and colorfully dyed dogs. It’s like the time I went to a rave years ago, not really knowing what to expect, and popping a couple of pills my friend gave me and realizing it kicked in an hour into it because the people dressed like circus performers in furry pants didn’t piss me off anymore, actually nothing pissed me off and I was meeting people, hugging strangers and was convinced that I was in heaven and these little freaky kids were fuckin’ angels carrying me to a better place, then all of a sudden, my brain froze and when I looked at their faces they were skeletons and demons and I ran in the corner trying to hide, thinking it was over for me…..and it took me about 2 years to really believe that I hadn’t died that night and that I was actually not in some weird afterlife, but in real life, and my friends were happy when I stopped grabbing their faces in a panic to see if they were actually there with me and that I wasn’t just dreaming the whole thing. Needless to say, I never did E again and my story probably has nothing to do with Aubrey O’Day and her busted up face, but I am too far behind to bother editing it now…..

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Ashlee Simpson Suckin’ Songs Not Cock of the Day

Here is Ashlee performing live on the Today show, or some other live show, which was a pretty big mistake on her and her management’s part because bitch is sucking harder than she’s ever sucked before, which isn’t saying much since she’s pretty much a lesbian and her fiance has a big fat pussy. He probably writes all her songs for her while he’s on his fuckin’ period, hormonal and crying, he probably also chose her outfit, did her make-up and told her she’d be awesome, despite knowing bitch has no talent.

I guess the good news is that anyone can become famous, that it doesn’t take talent to get ahead and for all the little girls reading this site, dreams do come true, except for that little crippled boy who wants to play professional socceer but only because he only has one leg.

Truth is that no matter how bad she sings, I kinda want to fuck the intensity and bad singing out of her which could take a long time and that annoying boyfriend would keep jumping on my back and scratching at me to get off his girl like a bratty spoiled motherfucker who doesn’t want you paying his videogames…..

I am hung over, Here are some pictures of her at some event:

Here are some pictures of her and her girlfriend:

To Download Her Obviously Heavily Produced New Album – We’ve Got the Pre-Release

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Tara Reid Never Looked So Good of the Day

These are some pictures of Tara Reid from this past weekend, I think it’s safe to say that she’s drunk and lookin’ her age as her face slowly falls off her face as fast as the cocaine got sucked up her nose off the club’s toilet seat for the last 10 years.

I know when I am drunk I don’t really look my best, actually in my mind I do but when the pictures surface and I’ve sobered up a bit, I realize that I actually look like a greasy rapist on some kind of rapist mission to creep out every single girl I cross paths with.

Either way, she reminds me of some kind of office Christmas party gone wrong , which is fine when it is your office Christmas party and it only goes down once a year and she’s the receptionist you’ve wanted to shove your dick inside the last 9 months she’s been working there, but it isn’t a very good look to be hustling every fuckin’ weekend when you’re old enough to be a soccer mom. At one time she was the all american poster girl for College Spring Break parties and now she’s working on being the poster girl for why you gotta stop partying so hard after college because it will rape you harder than the frat boy did that night he took you on a date and slipped roofies in your drink…you can’t hate him though…at least he took you out for pizza and a movie first.

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Paris Hilton the Drunken MC on the Mic at LAX of the Day

Here is a video I heard about yesterday from LAX Sundays in Hollywood for the Banana Split party featuring DJ “Gayer Than Bicycle Shorts” AM and Aoki where Paris Hilton shows us what money does to a girl who could have been high society, sipping tea with royalty, playing tennis with other blue blooded people named Blair, but instead chose to be a coked up whore who goes to shitty clubs and dances while getting wasted like she was a piece of trailer park trash on crystal meth fucking on camera to pay for the next hit, because I guess you can’t buy class, but you can buy drugs and it’s probably a lot more fun than class, even if you embarrass yourself and your family in the process.

I ripped off the transcript of what she said from another site, because I am lazy so here it is:

“. . . by the way this Sunday fucking night DJ am is here–the shit–he has all his boys–he fucking rocks. LAX is the best fucking place to go. Sunday night is my new favorite night. Everyone in here is rocking their fucking balls off. I love it. I wanna suck it, fuck it, lick it, eat it, snort it, fuck it, [unintelligible]. So lets all party our nuts off because this is the best crowd. Fuck the Hollywood crowd. I love the LAX crowd. They’re all here fucking DJ AM Steve Aoki and all of AM’s fucking boys who are the best DJs ever. We’re gonna have so much fun tonight. I love you and there’s so many hot girls and boys here that I wanna fuck you all. I love you all.�

I know a few people who were at this event and apparently she was celebrating her birthday and kissing up on all the DJs and was acting all kinds of crazy. When they told me they had pictures of the event, I just didn’t give a fuck, because I see shots of Paris partying and dancing around like a useless cunt more often than I see my cock, which is also a useless cunt, but a little more penis-influenced, but that’s not the point. She’s played out, she’s old, she’s done did and I think the world is ready for Paris to jump off a bridge or have an overdose in her million dollar home. because clearly the glory days are over, but you gotta give her credit and that is that all young girls fuck on camera now, because of what Paris did and that makes surfing exgirlfriend porn a hell of a lot more interesting than it was 10 years ago and that’s not such a bad legacy to have. Cuddles.

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I am – Amy Winehouse in a Bra of the Day


Amy Winehouse was seen at 6 am walking the streets barefoot in her bra lookin’ like she just woke up for an refreshing good night’s sleep and I think she’s lookin’ pretty hot, but I also think a plastic bag of ground beef is hot, that’s just because I live with a wife who is about as sexy as the shit she leaves smeared on our toilet seat, which is actually a lot hotter than it sounds, but still leaves me impotent.

The reality is that I am a monogamous masturbater. That pretty much means that when I used to jerk off I would only do it to the same girl over and over again, like we were in some kind of relationship she never knew about. If I wasn’t impotent, Amy Winehouse would be that girl but that’s just because I have a thing for skinny girls who are down and out and on the verge of death because I know that if she knew someone was jerking off to her, maybe she’d feel a little better about themselves and wouldn’t overdose. I am a hero like that.

Just remember if you see a girl on the street lookin’ like this, don’t run away, she’s already half naked and she’s probably easy pickings so you won’t have to cry to your friends about never getting laid. She’s also probably too busy self destructing to be high maintenance or demanding on you, you know asking why you never call or why you don’t want her meeting your friends. She’d pretty much be a dream girlfriend.

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