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Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Secret of the Day

So girls, the key to getting a fat set of tits and a fat ass according to Kim Kardashian is to eat as much junk food as you can while keeping physical activity to a minimum because she has enough money to hire people to do the exercising for her.

The only flaw in this system is that it only works for a handful of girls who gain weight in the right places and that it is possible to eat just a little too much of the shit that your slow metabolism just leaves you fat. A route Kardashian seems willing to take based on these pics. The good news is that no matter how fat you are, there will always be a ridiculously tall skinny white dude and a ridiculously large penised black dude willing to give you some loving.

Either way, here is Kim Kardashian and her big ol’ tits eating ice cream while lookin’ like fuckin’ shit, I guess her no matter how big her tits get, her testicles never seem to disappear.

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  • My cousin is a high level staffer with the OBAMA campaign. It is a frequent source of male banter among OBAMA and his staffers that, if elected President, he will divorce Michelle and steal Kim from Reggie. OBAMA believes that superstar Kim is the ultimate accoutrement of power, a playa’s version of Carla Bruni. No lies.

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD

    I’m not familiar with this dumb whore, except for my understanding that the reason she’s famous is because she has a fat ass, and she loves sucking black cock. Is that all it takes these days?

  • SugahPLum

    FUCK U LYING SHITTY CLINTON SUPPORTER!!! There is no fucking way Obama will ever leave his wife for that diseased whore Kim Whoredasian. HITLARY CLINTON butt raping of your asses has caused you morons to lose your fucking minds. Fuck u LYING SHITTY CLINTON SUPPORTERS!!!!

  • I support Obama!!! The guy is addicted to Kim’s vid — sorry, just a fact. Michelle’s black ass is toast now that Obama wants Reggie’s hot armenian bitch.

  • David

    Her claim to fame besides being a fat ass, big tit, black cock-loving slut is that she is the daughter of a wealthy former lawyer of OJ. Jeez, I don’t mind giving money to your children. But seriously, she doesn’t appreciate it or deserve it. Her fat ass probably never worked a day in her life.

  • WhoreRaat is the epitome of everything thats WRONG with america.

  • Lily

    Dr. Dogbarker,
    You are correct on both counts, however I wanted to respectfully remind you that she is also famous for getting pissed on by Brandy’s nasty brother.

  • Who Cares

    She is nothing but a talentless FAT pig that thinks she is sexy. Looking at this other pictures showing her in a bathing suit FAT as a pig is really shows she is nothing.

  • Jakester

    Load her fat ass along with Lilo, all the fuckin’ Hilton clan, add Brit and her sis all onto a plane and crash the fuckin plane into the ocean…why clean up the planet one skank at a time when you can do it by the plane load

  • just me

    She is one hot, sexy woman! And she owns two clothing stores and is a savvy business woman as well. She works hard and is very intelligent. You all are just jealous that she would never give you the time of day!

  • why is the above comment common place here when someone disses a celebrity they like?

    she owns 2 clothing stores….thanks OJ
    shes a savvy business women….didnt realize sucking dick was considered “Savvy”
    she works hard….oh yeah cause shopping and showing off her fat ass is such HARD work.
    shes very intelligent…ever see her choice in men? ever see an interview? Intelligent is what shes FAR from…

    i dont understand, if someone thinks someone i wanna fuck the shit out of is ugly, they ARENT jealous. they just think shes a nasty gutter whore. and thats fine by me, cause the less people that like, say, oh, Lily allen, means when shes not famous anymore, strolling around NY wasting whats left of her money, the BETTER than chance i have to take her home get her nice and wet and ride it all night and all the next day into the next night.

  • I would pee on her 🙂

  • fuck hilary and fuck that half breed obama the muslim. ron paul 2008

  • I would pee on her? Ha Ha! I would eat 10 tacos and then eat a box of ex-lax. Then leave my hot,wet dung on her tits. YEE HAA. CUMMINS DIESEL POWER BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dea Glavaris

    i like her fat ass and i like girls that get pissed on.

  • nluvr2@hotmail.com

    i’m a nasty guy, and i like nasty women. i would eat kim’s shit!

  • jbm

    Bush is sitting at 404 yards rushing this season and she’s letting that loser tap her, Bush has yet to figure out east/west running don’t play in the NFL, where the slow ass college players couldn’t catch him around the corner. Sadly this hot mama is Arod material, unfortunately Mr. Arod hasn’t figured out he deserves better as he’s chasing that old hag Madonna. Some swear by these hags, look at Austin. Kim is A1, top of the line, out of the park woman. How many woman have all the tools, talk about your five tool players. T’s, A, Face, lips, hair, and legs. Hell that is six tools. Unfortunately she’s also a air head which she is showing by chasing a mid line talent man.

  • Tyrannosaurus Sex

    “Her fat ass probably never worked a day in its life.”

    I’d certainly not say, “No,” if it were being worked up and down my old chap. Boney birds are not appealing.