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Denise Richards Bikini Pictures of the Day

Denise never had much to offer the world other than her sex scene with Neve Campbell in Wild Things. As much as I hated that movie, there’s just something about seeing two sluts get it on for Kevin Bacon that would make me think shit was overlooked for an Academy Award. It’s that kind of cinematic history that is only remembered by perverts and dudes who rent movies based on the level of nudity they have in them and it’s too bad that shit was the peak of her career because way back then, she was actually hot. Here she is trying to hold onto that sex appeal by running around in a Bikini in some staged photoshoot to draw publicity to her new show. If I was on the beach, which I am not and haven’t been on in years because I don’t live the celebrity life of luxury, I wouldn’t mind lookin’ at her in hopes of a vagina lip hangin’ out but the second a younger, tighter body walks by this hag, I’ll be getting my creep on elsewhere. It’s one of those better than nothing situations like the time you jerked off to your sister on a family camping trip because it was between her and your mom and jerking off to your mom just felt too wrong…

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  • drgirlfri3nd

    She looks fantastic!

  • cool

    she is so beautiful. every time i signed in m e e t i n g w e a l t h y . c o m and there were always many men talking about her how sexy and pretty … It is said she is dating friends there,.

  • She is so pretty!!!! I’ve always had a little thing for her, she’s so cute! 🙂

  • TheExpatriot

    Pretty. She doesn’t seem to have any brains though.

  • Pati

    I think it wasn’t Kevin Bacon but Matt Dillon

  • Sprmcandy

    She is hot, wow. Gives me a hardon that just will not go away, damn.