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Heather Locklear Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here’s some Old Lady Locklear getting all competitive with Denise Richards and going as far as to stage her own bikini photoshoot with the paparazzi because her ego hasn’t fully recovered from having her husband leave her or the younger tighter body. She’s trying to prove to herself and to us that she’s got it going on and the truth is that she looks better than most 50 year old, but then again her life consists of doing absolutely nothing, so I can only assume that staying in shape and trying to retain as much of the sex appeal that got her this career in the first place is top priority, so in that case she’s doing a pretty shitty job of it.

There used to be a show on called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where you’d try to figure out how a person was six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon….I am generally bad at games because I find them ridiculous and every time I end up at someone’s house and the board games are out, I drink the the free booze, eat the free food, then make my escape because playing that shit makes me feel like a total asshole and it’s embarrassing that at 38 I’d still find entertainment out of something so ridiculous, but today, I broke free from that because Heather Locklear’s six degrees from Kevin Bacon is easy. I forgot where I was going with this, but Locklear is still a slut, even as she enters the golden years of her life and that’s all I have to say about that.

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    She looks better than most 30 year olds.

  • cool

    She has a good figure though a little fat. Once I found her on a millionaire&celebs club m e e t i n g w e a l t h y . c o m. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there. It is said she is dating friends there.

  • Joliie

    for one almost 50, I wouldn’t mind a close encounter

  • Ass Rocket

    I wonder if she likes it in the pooper?