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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Got Nipple Pasties of the Day

There was some event called the Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last night and besides it being one the most obnoxious sounding event names a lot of people showed up. The more interesting of the bunch was probably Michelle Trachtenberg because she wrapped her nipples up like a Christmas gift, despite being a Jew, while wearing a pretty see through top. I guess being left out and watching all those Christians in her elementary school class doing the secret Santa gift exchange while she sat in the corner playing with her dreidel while speaking yiddish to herself has emotionally scarred her enough to develop an addiction to wrapping up everything in the house on a regular basis in gold paper, sometimes even her body parts or maybe she just didn’t want us to see her Jew nipple. I heard they don’t look like a regular nipple because of the generations of inbreeding and obsessing over the whole Holocaust thing they can’t seem to get over, but they sure are good at making money and not spending it on tipping waiters.

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  • Jamie

    That was such unnecessary anti-semitism. Really offensive, and not funny at all.

  • Ryan

    I thought it was funny.

  • asifwecared

    the best part of the whole series is how smug she looks. As if she thinks we were just dying to see that nipple and she fooled us. Get over yourself already honey.

  • AngryBroomstick

    You are a fuckin racist sexist piece of shit. You fuckin ugly fat asshole, no woman (or any Jew, whether male or female) would touch you.

    Hey asshole, go get AIDS and kill yourself.

  • Amsterdam

    Really unnecessary and quite unintelligent.

  • Olga

    Jews are good at making money? Hmmm… Go to Brooklyn and see all the almost homeless jew people… you’ll see if they are good at making money, ah !

  • Granite Bay


  • jewgirl

    I thought it was funny and so did my Rabbi 🙂

  • Karen M

    Ahahahhaaha….That’s why I love you. Never know what you’re going to say. That was fucking funny. Fuck the oversensitive pollitically-correct assholes.

  • Fecal_Peanut

    LOL! Yeah, that was some funny shit. You took all of the stereotypical aspects of Jews, and totally made us laugh! I don’t hate Jews, but I still appreciate the humor. These haters here wouldn’t know a joke if it bit them on their Jew noses.

  • Don Imus

    that is freakin’ over the line

  • nina

    Someone mentioned that you met your man on the famous cfree interracial dating site I n t i m a t e m i n g l e DOTC o m.. ? True or not??

  • Wetbackh8r

    Jesus Martinez is a fat dirty Canadian spic. I hope you die in a car accident.

  • AP

    I agree the antisemitism is unoriginal and not funny. And actually, I went to P.S with her in brooklyn, up until middle school, and she was never left out. Ever. Idiot!

  • Copywriter

    I am now writing an article for people to boycott this site.

  • Blackman

    Really offensive, and not funny at all.

    You can be funny. you really don’t need this kind of shit to get it going.

  • V

    Wait, there was anti-semitism? I didn’t notice, I was too distracted by the hotness of this girl. She looks gorgeus.

  • hb25

    That was ridiculously unnecessary and incredibly anti-Semitic, why would you write crap like that?

  • Joel Rifkin

    You find this offensive? You’re at the wrong site. Go back to perezhilton.com you fuckin faggots.

  • Bytme

    You’re my hero.

    Everyone else STFU.

  • Wetbackh8r

    The fat slob that writes this blog must be such a angry, bitter suicidal agoraphobic. All he does is steal shit from other sites anyway. DiE MaRtiNez

  • Michael

    Don’t worry, I know this guy personally.

    His disdain towards Jews comes from his mother committing adultery when he was younger…with a Jew. Not going to name and shame, don’t need to potential problems. He knows the truth though.

  • ItsMike

    Really not funny. Just envious and a little bit sick. Everything I’ve seen about her says she’s a hard working actress and a pretty nice person too. But I guess getting harsh words from strangers just goes with the job. By the way, she’s showed her nipples in other pictures and they look just fine.

  • I love Michelle Trachtenberg ever since i saw her on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is beautiful and cute at the same time. I like the color of her eyes, nose and her prominent cheek bone.

  • michelle trachtenberg is a very cute girl specially during her teenage years. i first saw her on the movie Inspector Gadget.

  • Michelle Trachtenberg is one of the prettiest girl i have ever seen.

  • John E

    Michelle is a very pretty east european. Much like Mila Jovovich. I love the way her nipples stand out w/o surgical enhancment…
    The majority of “white” and “black” people in the U.S. have Judean blood in wheather you like it or not. I for one think/believe it’s a plus. At least you are connected to a promise!