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Rihanna’s Nipple Pasties Ruins My Fun of the Day

I was talking to a guy from Barbados about Rihanna, since she’s Barbados pride and joy and everyone knows everyone there, so his friends were friends with some of her friends and he told me that when she comes back home she stays at the single most exclusive resort on the island, she doesn’t stay back in the shanty with her family, it’s like bitch forgot where she came from and is too good for them or some shit.

It turns out she’s too good for showing us her tit, because she’s gone so far as to not wear a bra in a see thru shirt but decides to wear nipple pasties so none of us perverts can see what’s goin’ down.

Cunt. If it wasn’t for singing, she’d be selling blowjobs to tourists and not even the tourists who stay at the luxurious resort she stays at, I’m talking tourists who stay in the bottom feeder hotels, so bitch needs to get some perspective….and here are the pics…

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Megan Fox Topless Pictures of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

I got with a girl once who had the biggest tits. For the month it took me to finally get her topless, I would just stare at her tits thinking about how big and luscious they were. I remember her having the most spectacular cleavage and trying to look down her top every time she bent over.

One night when drunk, I managed to start making out with her. I slid my hand up her shirt and under her bra and started hunting her massive breast for what I was hoping would be perky little nipples because my fantasies had me believing that I was dealing with perfection and not the big tits that have big downward sloping nipples.

After my exploration, I couldn’t find any fuckin’ nipple, and I looked as hard as I fuckin’ could. I started panicking and decided the only solution was to get her shirt off, so I could see what I was dealing with and maybe my hand wasn’t communicating the right message back to my brain because I was drunk. So her shirt came off because I made her think I was going to suck her tits, her amazing tits were finally exposed and lookin’ back at me only they didn’t have any fuckin’ nipples.

Her shit stain was the same color as her tits and her nipple was inverted and shit looked a lot like what you see on a mannequin at the store. I was kinda thrown off and uncomfortable about the whole thing, but still fucked her, and discovered first hand that a nipple-less tit is an inferior tit no matter how nicely shaped it is.

These Megan Fox topless pictures remind me of that horrible night, but at least her pasties come off when she gets home to her 90210 loser boyfriend.

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Stephanie Seymour’s Got a See Through Dress and Pasties of the Day

If you’ve been wondering where Stephanie Seymour has been since she broke up Guns N’ Roses in the 90s, I can assume not very much, but then again I have no fuckin’ idea and I am only basing it ont he fact that she showed up to an event in a see-through shirt with pasties on. It’s like she’s toying with the idea of getting noticed again but she’s being a bit of a pussy about it and hasn’t really gone all the way with showin’ her nipples. I kinda find the whole thing weird, considering models are always naked and are usually comfortable with the world seein’ their tits, but I guess she’s not as confident in her body as she was now that she’s 40 but that’s just because of the much needed societal impact that tells old bitches that they sure aren’t what they used to be as their husbands run after younger pussy and repeatedly turn down sex from them because they aren’t the girl they married. I’d still do her, but that’s just because even at 40 she’s hotter than anything I’ve ever given it to, but then again I am not society and society tells her to put some fuckin’ clothes on because she’s a fuckin’ Mom.

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Michelle Trachtenberg’s Got Nipple Pasties of the Day

There was some event called the Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last night and besides it being one the most obnoxious sounding event names a lot of people showed up. The more interesting of the bunch was probably Michelle Trachtenberg because she wrapped her nipples up like a Christmas gift, despite being a Jew, while wearing a pretty see through top. I guess being left out and watching all those Christians in her elementary school class doing the secret Santa gift exchange while she sat in the corner playing with her dreidel while speaking yiddish to herself has emotionally scarred her enough to develop an addiction to wrapping up everything in the house on a regular basis in gold paper, sometimes even her body parts or maybe she just didn’t want us to see her Jew nipple. I heard they don’t look like a regular nipple because of the generations of inbreeding and obsessing over the whole Holocaust thing they can’t seem to get over, but they sure are good at making money and not spending it on tipping waiters.

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