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Sharon Stone Shows Some Sheer Panties in Cannes of the Day

I like pussy, even if shit is wrapped up in a pair of underwear, because I know shit’s still there. I know everyone has seen Sharon Stone’s pussy, but that was when it was younger and it’s always nice to see what life’s changes have done to a vagina, it’s like watching your baby go to it’s first day of kindergarten and not only because it smells the same as when your kid shit’s his pants out of fear, but also because of the the natural growth of the human species and it’s times like this that makes us appreciate just how magical life is. Unfortunately for Sharon Stone though, the magic is more of a retired grandfather struggling to pull some tricks he learnt in the war and less like the magic I thought I experienced when I thought I lost my virginity but was really just jerking off to porn in the 80s, I blame the acid.

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  • Swingin Dick

    Looks like she is airing it out.

  • Alan

    It looks like she has a penis.