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Britney Spears Stalker Bikini Pictures of the Day

The paparazzi are after me again, so I’ve been laying low. I got hit for every single post I did yesterday. You’d think they’d be too busy running after celebrities to bother with people like me, but I guess they’re making so much money off these fuckers they can afford a staff to cover all angles, and by all angles I mean climbing trees in Britney’s backyard to snap off these pics of her.

Either way, she’s in a bikini and people say she looks pregnant, I say she just looks fat, but the good kind of fat that isn’t floppy and cellulite ridden, so she’s not disgusting to look at. What is disgusting is that I heard that she’s still got an unborn 6 month old dead fetus in her from the last pregnancy that hasn’t been removed because she is emotionally attached to it or some shit and that story may be a lie but it at least it also explains the smell she’s been exuding. It’s one of those kill 2 birds with one AIDS dick situation.

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