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Serena Williams See Through Photoshoot Nightmare of the Day

Here are some pictures from God knows when, because no one in their right mind would intentionally remember the day this went down, it’s one of those things you block out and pretend never happened, like the time I got raped in an alley when I was drunk, I didn’t realize until I found blood in my underwear and had to go to the hosipital because I thought I had ebola and my insides were dripping out of me, something Serena Williams knows far too much about, because her vagina is an anus, in all fairness, they did do a pretty solid job tuckin’ in her junk, I hear she likes using duct tape the best….what can’t that shit do…..

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  • rain

    There is another gossip – Jenifer Aniston joined a celeb/rich dating site ( wealthyromanceS.Com ) as she is alone for so long!

  • Pete

    Serena looks good!

  • Boob Guy

    thank gawd it’s not see through enough to show her cock.

  • Candi Apples

    The first thing that came to my mind when I seen this picture is “Good God!”.

    Serena and sister Venus are obviously both tranny’s,so I’m not sure why they still try to convince us that they are women.

    This dress is ugly,but even uglier,is the tranny who is wearing it!

  • Ian

    She was allways fugly. This just proves it.

  • Derek

    Why are you crackers making fun of Serena? She’s full figured and beautiful. She even fucks white guys. She should stick wit us black guys because we got the big black dicks.

  • dinastrange

    Okay, this is a tough one. She does look manly and please don’t give me all that BS about full figured and curve and beautiful…

    She looks MANLY, now there is nothing that some flirty dresses and different hair color with waves won’t do even to a woman who was supposed to be born a man…

    Just give me her for a day and transformation is going to be amazing…

  • Bob Smith

    Oh, I think she’s a woman, but I’m betting her clit is bigger than most cocks.

    See, I have a theory about that. If you meet a woman and fall in love and you discover as she’s having sex that she has a big clit, then fine. You’d deal with it.

    But if you go out of your way to look for women with big clits because it turns you’re on. You’re gay. And I say that not in a pejorative way, I have no issues with a person being gay. Many of my colleagues are and I don’t think about it. However, I hate when someone is gay and denies it.

    Sort of like Brooke Hogan. Looks like a guy, sure. But she’s not an athlete like these women, so there is a world of difference between them.

    Plus I’m betting these girls don’t have their dad massage their ass.

  • Mark

    Windows Internet Explorer Sucks.

  • celia

    Serena hasn’t been that skinny and hasn’t worn blonde hair in years. that pix has to be at least 5 years old when she deluded herself into thinking that she could be a Hollywood actress.

  • Norman 69

    She is ugly. Most black women are.

  • Carnell

    norman 69 is a racist motherfucker!

  • dem sum big ole dark nipples right dere.

  • big johnson

    neither are ,i fucked both them the other nite and they both have nice hot wet pussys and some real big knockers but when you have a big johnson like me all the celebs want you .

  • Mark

    Have you ever shit green shit?

  • Michelin

    This is disgusting. Why are you posting images of Chimanzees in a blog about human celebrities?!

  • James

    I think I can see her dick!!

  • Pineapple Andy Kaid

    Didn’t I see her in National Geographic holding a spear and with a bone through her nose?

  • Merlin

    I don’t THINK I can… I CAN see His Dick!

  • serena

    wow what an ugly mannish bitch

  • Josafat

    Thank God for ignorant white people!!

    Serena’s not cover girl, but more than fuckable. like your momma..

    You never watched any of her matches just to see how big her tits/ass really were?

    Yeah right, fag…

  • Dan O

    I don’t know about everybody else but to me she look’s like a man for sure ………………………….???????????

  • Pineapple Andy Kaid

    Hey Josafat! If this bitch is fuckable then we have some nice ass gorillas for you down here at the San Diego Zoo.

  • anytime a black person looks strong stupid white trash have something foolish to say and try to judge them. She is a Goddess. If you think she looks like a man that is because most white guys are sick and have wanted to look like her for centuries. you are some backwards fucks

  • Well Nasar you are right most white men hate to see a strong black woman or man. I wanted to admit that because i am ashamed of how we lied and said we discovered america, how we stole everything we have, and how we have raped black women and kids through out slavery, yes my ancesters raped both sexes. I apologize for the ignorance because the people who run this world love when we are still divided and talk shit about each other.

  • kim

    hi, i’am a white female and that was heart felt. We were taught to be afraid of blacks so we practice putting them down because we are afraid that they are going to take back what is rightfully theirs. Paul is my kind of real man