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Mini Me Sex Tape Hits the Internet of the Day

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If you were scared that you wouldn’t get your chance to see the Mini Me having sex with a regular sized girl because you are a sick fuck who gets off to sick things and who is probably a threat to society despite the fact that you get off to these things in the privacy of your own home and are not out hustling midgets at a short people convention and by hustling I mean raping, because of the whole lawsuit out against all the companies involved in releasing the sex tape, you are in luck.

Some Chinese company got their hands on the sex tape and are selling it for 10 dollars and that means it is probably already out on the Internet to download. I haven’t bothered trying to get it because the internet connection I am on is fucking shit and it is taking me an hour to upload an image, but I figure you and your creepy yet crafty internet ways will be able to find it and do all the dirty things you want to do with it until your mom finds it on the computer and organizes a sit down with you to discuss the direction of your life, where you will have to play off that you were just curious to see one of your favorite actors doing it, because you were convinced it was all just some weird joke until seeing his mini penis/arm entering her vag, to which she will probably ask to watch the clip with you for a good awkward and uncomfortable laugh and she will finally understand where you are coming from because the real tragedy in all this is that Mini Me has never been recognized for an Oscar for any of his work.

So the Mini Me sex tape brings families together according to me. It also cures sex offenders. And it can be all yours motherfucker.

For the record, these people aren’t advertisers and are not paying me. I am not endorsing them, so if shit’s a scam don’t come running after me for turning you onto the site. I am just letting you know what I know. Enjoy…..

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