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Miley Cyrus and Her Really Ugly Sister are Hipster Poser Trash of the Day

There are a few problems with these pictures of Miley Cyrus and her sister walking down the street.

Firstly, they have secured something I’ve always been saying and that is that Urban Outfitters is some try hard hipster shit, and anything with the name Urban in it is a lie designed for suburban people willing to spend 100 dollars on a shirt they got at some homeless shelter, not that I shop or that I care, but whenever I walk by the shit and shit these tight jean wearing euro-trash in their high tops I get mad and I really don’t know why but little things piss me off.

Secondly, Miley’s sister in her ironic hipster bullshit attitude is wearing a vintage Mickey Mouse shirt, because Mickey Mouse is paying for their shit, because everyone knows that Billy Ray’s got no more money left from Achy Breaky Heart because he used it to buy his wife and fuel his cocaine addiction.

Lastly, take a look at this girls face, she’s an ugly version of an ugly Miley and it’s scaring the fucking shit out of me. The real question is whether she will ever find love lookin’ like the bottom of a homeless man’s rotten shoe. I didn’t know Miley even had a fucking sister and I guess if I was Miley, I’d keep this bitch locked away in the basement and as far from the spotlight as possible too because she’s embarrassing to admit you’re related to and like most retarded siblings, you’d want to protect them from the negative attention they will bring to you and your inflated career.

Either way, with a face like that, she’s pretty much got no choice but to pull that hipster, indy rock, electro, LA, art fag bullshit because for some reason hipster, indy rock, electro, LA, art fag bullshit guys are bisexual and more into a girl for her fake substance than her hot body, or hot face that you can look into without staring at awkwardly while laughing/crying/throwing up….and seem to think asymmetrical faces are as hype as asymmetrical hair….and that’s enough of this post…

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  • dasjerry

    which one is the ugly one?

  • FngFer

    That family sure gots fucked up teefs. Mouth fulla crookedy chiklets say what?

  • Bob Smith

    Miley Cyrus ain’t all that good looking either. Her sister is pretty hard on the eyes, but if she fixed her teeth and her hair and lost a few pounds, she’d look pretty much like Miley.

    In fact, I’m guessing that’s what they did with Miley before they sent her out onto the Disney stage as a young girl.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would stuff it up both their poopers, then post the pictures here.

    Who gives a shit about their teeth, it’s not like I want to talk to either of them.

  • guythll

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  • Drew

    Quote: dasjerry Says:

    December 10th, 2008 at 8:04 pm
    which one is the ugly one?

    >> You are the winner of this thread!

  • Joe

    You couldn’t pay me enough to put my dick in, on, or anywhere NEAR either of these two trolls.

  • Bossy

    Lost a few pounds? The sister’s legs are thinner than Miley’s. She just has chubby cheek syndrome. Like Renee Zellweger…no patter how thin, her face will always look fat.

  • Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    the cyrus gene pool really sucks…neither girl is that attractive

    miley’s sis needs a chin implant…not that it matters much

    she will still get some hot guy….watch

  • Emily

    Isa it just me, or does Miley’sister look like Chelsea/Hilary Clinton?

  • Jamal

    She’s fine ya’ll, stop hating.

  • spanktacular

    She looks fine to me. Her hair color is on the light side tho – it may look better darker.

    Anyone know how old she is?

  • Bianca

    Thats truly unfortunate. It looks like she isn’t wearing any makeup though…that might help a bit. But let’s be honest Miley isn’t all that gorgeous herself. It’s amazing what a talented makeup artist and/or photoshop can do.

    I totally agree with you about that hipster thing…it’s just a bullshit “scene” for unattractive people with no personality.

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  • lola


  • Will Miley end up like Britney?

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  • Fuck You ‘drunkenstepfather’

    Fuck you man, I bet Miley’s sister is more attractive than any girl you’ve been with. Get a life, instead of sitting in front of your computer hating on people in the public spot light just because your career has ended up as a shitty blog.