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Katherine Heigl is a Butt Hound of the Day

I remember being told that girls who smoke have smellier pussies than girls who don’t smoke. I remember being told that girls who smoke have greyer and dryer pussies than girls who smoke. I figure that since Katherine Heigl is constantly smokin’, her pussy is so choked out that shit has a potty smelling cough of it’s own.

Now I’ve never done any research on these claims, I have never really cared because there is no pussy too smelly, too grey, too lifeless for me to have my way with, but I figure if it is true, the anti smoking coalitions may want to take this angle instead of the whole lung cancer thing, because pussy condition is something girls will take seriously, since no one wants to be the girl with the stinky, dead, grey cunt, except for Katherine Heigl, but by the looks of her, I figure that’s the least of her concerns because she’s fat and already married, so it’s just one of the many signs of giving up, and giving her husband more reason to cheat on her.

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