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Raven Symone is a Grazing Cow of the Day

Hey remember when Raven Symone was just that cute little girl on the Cosby Show you wanted to have grab on to your cock to make it look bigger than it was. You know the girl who had her whole life ahead of her and who made you feel uncomfortable every time she sat on Bill Cosby’s lap. You know the girl you were excited to see grow up because she wasn’t too black lookin’ to bring him to your racist family, and by then she’d probably be a washed up childstar with a drug problem entertaining a porn career.

Well it turns out that since those glory days of Cosby, Raven Symone’s done a whole lot of eating.

Sure you all knew she was fat, this is nothing new, but these pictures were taken the other day by some amateur photographer and I felt the need to get them out there. I am not sure why….but think it has to do with Disney execs raping me enough to leave me emotionally damaged and forced to eat my feelings away because doing those vile things for a paycheck is still prostitution even if it got me on TV….you know, I had no choice, because there are a lot of girls who would die to be in my position, you know willing to do ANYTHING to get there…and they would never think to tell their parents or go to the media about how dirty things were done to me….I mean….here are those pics.

Source: Meet the Famous

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