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Serena Williams and Her Ironic T-Shirt of the Day

I am definitely not lookin’ at her titles, bitch, I’m lookin’ the other way, cuz she’s a fuckin’ monster, I mean after I fully take her in and get over the initial shock that a girl can be made like this, like she has a fuckin’ real vagina and everything, it’s on some Chastity Bono shit, but the other way around, because it was a good money makin’ scheme to get them into fuckin’ a woman’s sport and dominate, instead of living life as the biological man she is and just be a construction worker.

I met a girl last night who had high testosterone levels, she only gets her period twice a year and doesn’t look like a dude, isn’t hairy like a dude, but likes to fuck like a dude and all the fuckin’ time like a dude, and it’s the closest thing you get to being a gay couple that never leaves the rooms, except to take their AIDS cocktail, I mean other than bagging this William’s sister.

Speaking of stereotypes, I accidentally called a black chick Rudy Huxtible when I was drunk, cuz she was on that 80s vibe, and she wasn’t impressed.

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  • Otis Tibbs : nursing home rapist

    dis is why I likes da old unconscious piss bags at da home , stead o sistas . dey like apes

  • RXB

    At least you fags aren’t those annoying white cocksuckers that claim to have black friends and say they aren’t racist. LOL . I have to respect honesty.

  • Bob Smith

    She’s a classy woman, there’s no doubt. The t-shirt is simply a reminder of that.

  • joel osteen

    stuff a tennis ball in her mouth , grab her by her miss celie hair and fuck her red baboon ass till she shits

  • joel osteen

    make her scrub my floors , polish the silver

  • Shaun

    A nigger beast.

  • nunya

    negress is fucking ugly

  • joel osteen

    brand her red ass with a white hot potato masher , ram hot oatmeal in her yap

  • Brownsuga

    Shows how racist America is. If she was white and had the shirt on you wouldn’t be saying this. Blue eyed devils, racists. Y’all go to Hell

  • julian

    all you guys making the racist comments are only saying that because
    you’re sitting at home safely in front of your computers. you’re just
    cowards. when you’re interacting with black people…in person, you
    don’t behave that way. i’d like to bust in on you while you’re typing
    this shit and see how big your balls are. i’d make you suck my dick
    in front of your mother while she waits her turn. you’re the true scum
    of the earth.