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Serena Williams and Her Ironic T-Shirt of the Day

I am definitely not lookin’ at her titles, bitch, I’m lookin’ the other way, cuz she’s a fuckin’ monster, I mean after I fully take her in and get over the initial shock that a girl can be made like this, like she has a fuckin’ real vagina and everything, it’s on some Chastity Bono shit, but the other way around, because it was a good money makin’ scheme to get them into fuckin’ a woman’s sport and dominate, instead of living life as the biological man she is and just be a construction worker.

I met a girl last night who had high testosterone levels, she only gets her period twice a year and doesn’t look like a dude, isn’t hairy like a dude, but likes to fuck like a dude and all the fuckin’ time like a dude, and it’s the closest thing you get to being a gay couple that never leaves the rooms, except to take their AIDS cocktail, I mean other than bagging this William’s sister.

Speaking of stereotypes, I accidentally called a black chick Rudy Huxtible when I was drunk, cuz she was on that 80s vibe, and she wasn’t impressed.

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